Lupita knows about the rumours

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 21, 2014 17:28:57 February 21, 2014 17:28:57

Lupita Nyong’o, the brightest star of award season, was on Ellen. Ellen asked about those Jared Leto rumours. You see how quick she was with her response? It’s really too bad the audience didn’t react accordingly. The audience, it would seem, is behind Lupita on gossip. Lupita knew about Miley and Jared before the people in Ellen’s studio. If they’d known about it, it would have translated so much better on television.

Sh-t, maybe we should start handing out gossip cheat sheets on talk shows.

But, whether or not you know about the gossip, you will smile through this entire interview. She is She makes you happy. There’s just something so…light…about Lupita Nyong’o, something that makes you feel so open and receptive. Also, I could watch her dancing all day. This is the mood I need to be in right now. The puck just dropped.

Here’s Lupita in New York earlier this week on Letterman in two different outfits.

Wenn, FameFlynet

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