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As you know, Lynne Spears wrote a tell-all complete with juicy details on Britney’s plummet called Through The Storm: A Real Tale Of Fame And Family In A Tabloid World.

Details from her memoirs have now been leaked – nothing that would shock you, all things considered, except the tragic reality that her recollections won’t serve as a valid explanation so much as a roadmap for every other exploitative parent out there who thinks she has a Britney/Miley enrolled in pre-school.

Because the underlying current of Lynne’s book is, once again, a lack of accountability.

- Britney started drinking when she was 13, allowed by Lynne so long as she was supervised
- Britney dated an 18 year old when she was 14 and lost her virginity to him
- Britney went to Hollywood and allegedly started doing drugs before her 16th birthday, caught boarding a private plane at that age with weed and cocaine
- Britney and Justin shared a room and had sex

Lynne says she blames herself – for allowing managers and Hollywood folks to control and market her daughter. In other words: half ass ownership. There would be no managers if there was no ambition. There would be no Hollywood if there was a mother who hadn’t let her 6 year old be a 6 year old.

How can a 6 year old differentiate between how badly she wants a cookie and how badly she wants a career? I’m sure there’s a perfectly reasonable answer that someone who’s not a childless shrew would easily understand.

Says the source who has read the book:

“Lynne says if she had known helping her daughter Britney follow her dreams would cost her her soul, she would never have done it.”

And there you have it: they were Britney’s dreams.

They weren’t MY dreams! They were my baby’s dreams! Every mother wants to make those dreams come true!

A stage mother through and through. And a stage mother even today. With stage mothers, there’s always that element of “destiny”.

It’s not even been a year since Britney’s collapse and hospitalisation. Already this woman is trading on her daughters to sell a project.

Saddest part?

There are actually idiots out there who will not only buy this, they will believe it. And they will be inspired by it, guaranteeing that we will have a next generation. Yay for child stardom!

Source The Daily Mail

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