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This is Madonna at Macy’s in New York promoting Material Girl, her new fashion line for teens inspired by daughter Lola. As you can see, Madge covered up in a leather jacket and gloves, part for style, certainly, but it also seems that as she ages, she’s becoming more and more reluctant to expose her skin. And she has to be photographed a particular way too. There’s some very flattering light hitting her face in these shots. She looks great. And young-er. And I want that coat.

Did you know that today is the 24th anniversary of True Blue, baby I love you?

Open Your Heart
Live to Tell
Papa Don’t Preach
La Isla Bonita

All of them came from True Blue. And the success of True Blue is really what solidified Madonna’s stardom, demonstrated her potential as a lasting artist rather than a quick flash, and illustrated her seemingly (back then) limitless capacity for original expression. Madonna recorded True Blue when she was deeply in love. True Blue in many ways was for Sean Penn.

It’s been almost a quarter of a century. And these songs, everyone still knows these songs. She doesn’t make songs that people want to remember anymore.

Sorry about the lyrics in this one. Couldn’t find an alternative. But it’s been YEARS since I’ve watched and that guy, he was SO beautiful, and how come she can act in her videos but never in her movies?

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