Madonna & Daughter night out

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 29, 2010 13:48:13 April 29, 2010 13:48:13

We’ve been waiting for a couple of years. Since Lourdes started demonstrating some sartorial flair and that unmistakable Hunger, we’ve been waiting for her imminent arrival. Almost there. She’ll be 14 in October. And she’s supposed to be the style inspiration behind her mother’s new line of clothing aimed at teens called Material Girl. Soon it’ll be Madonna in the shadow of Lola.

Last night they stepped out together at the Bent on Learning Benefit in New York. I’m quick to slag Madge on certain issues, yes, but I will say she’s been pretty selective so far about when Lourdes is officially put out in public. Charitable events and family movie premieres seem to be the standard so far. I’m ok with that.

The question is: when will Lourdes want more? This perhaps is one area where Madonna is “just like us”. Or just like you: the everyday doubts and decisions in raising a teenage girl. Oh but I wish she’d stop fighting it. Between her arms and those cheeks and her lips – which my friend LB says are like a burn recovery – even though it’s less alarming in person, I wish she’d just let it happen. All that preaching would be much more effective if she’d just let it happen.

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