Ants on pants

April 1, 2010 07:26:11 Posted at April 1, 2010 07:26:11
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Madonna went out last night with Jesus Luz and a few friends in London – more on this later – with what looks like an ant pattern all over her pants. At least this is how the photo agencies are describing it. Whatever. They’re ugly. And they’re really... OLD. Like, my mother would probably wear these pants. Which means Madonna usually wouldn’t.

Anyway, after spending the majority of the last few months in New York, Madge is back in England and reconnecting with her circle. This circle normally includes Gwyneth Paltrow. And, yes, Gwyneth was there last night too – will write about her in a separate post – and also Stella McCartney and Valentino.


So there’s an Oscar winner, an iconic performer, an iconic designer, one of the coolest designers, and... Jesus Luz. Is he allowed to speak? This is funny. Just picturing it is funny.

They stayed out til 1am, well past Madge’s bedtime. Some say it was a Kabbalah event. Of course it was.

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