March 19, 2013 -- Smutty Shout-Outs

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 19, 2013 14:17:54 March 19, 2013 14:17:54

Carol-Anne! Dr Hendry! Happy Birthday to the one with the gorgeous blue eyes with love from Susan, with whom you have shared sushi, smut, and the last 33 years. You know, women are so institutionalised around the idea of that One True Love being romantic and male. But...why can’t our One True Love be our best friend? It seems like you are that for each other. And this is beautiful. Dr Hendry, is this a part of the Psychology of Gender? Am I worthy to attend a lecture? Eventually I hope to make it there!

To Susie from Stacy -- your trial schedule was rearranged by a higher purpose so that you could celebrate! Here’s Karl Urban by request. Happy Birthday!

And for Cathy from your daughter Elyse -- Happy (Belated) Birthday! I’m told you’re into Jeremy Renner and Channing Tatum. Here they are, toasting you with smoldering eyes...

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