March 9, 2012 -- Smutty Shout-Outs

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 9, 2012 14:54:37 March 9, 2012 14:54:37

Dani! Happy 28th Birthday! And thanks for remembering about the Squawking Chicken. First time in London? OMG. I feel like unemployed and unattached might be the only first way to do London. Go say hi to Ffiona for me.

And to M.A. who’s letting Dani crash - enjoy Jude Law by request! Goddamn he was pretty.

Happy 21st Birthday Loryjean with love from Maree who is sorry she couldn’t go to your party but says you two make a “formidable blind riddle-solving team”? don’t have to check the magazine covers to see who’s Not A Doting Mother, right?

And for Melissa from Carlee - remember the sh-t that’s happening now is only fortification and fuel; if you’re smart and cautious about how you ride out the bad waves, I promise you it’ll make the good waves even more fun, even more fruitful. Hang in there. Feng shui rewards the patient. Isn’t it encouraging though that good luck can be earned? Here’s your Peeta, Josh Hutcherson. I have a lot to tell you about this next week. Until then I’ve been embargoed. PS. Give Carlee the gears about the leg shaking. I mean really!  

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