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Dear Gossips,

We have three days left in the year and it’s that time of year when people list back their most memorable moments, the highlights and lowlights. In 2016, which was bullsh-t and full of sh-t, it was mostly lowlights. Right to the end 2016 has to be a f-cking asshole. Today though, I need a highlight. And my light, as always, in times of seemingly interminable darkness, well, you know who she is. She is grace and not-that-elusive. Let’s throwback Thursday to February 24, 2016


#MariahCarey nos bastidores da #1ToInfinity

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We’ve had that in our lives for almost a year now, a happiness talisman I’ve relied on frequently, as are all the episodes of Mariah’s World that I’m keeping permanently on my PVR. But have you been watching Mariah’s World? Mariah’s World is really, really good TV. Seeing how she manages her excesses – including all the people in her environment who live off those excesses – is exhilarating. At some point she says that they’re more dramatic than she is. And it’s actually kind of true. But that’s because this is a performative exchange – she acts as the figurehead but they’re there to entertain her as much as she entertains them, to exist in a kind of soap opera constantly orbiting the diva, each of them with their assigned roles, to be laughed at, clapped at, scowled at, in service of her pleasure. Mimi is Judi Dench in Shakespeare In Love. She is the self-proclaimed revirgined Queen. You can see how it works in this clip from her “anniversary” (warning: autoplay audio). 

At the end there, you see how she’s all like “why are we making such a big deal out of it”? Exactly. They’re all there to make a big deal out of it. Nobody else thinks it’s a big deal except for the people performing it as a big deal.

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