Mimi Triumphant - listen!

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 2, 2012 21:03:24 August 2, 2012 21:03:24


Between the women’s all around competition and Michael Phelps vs Ryan Lochte in the pool, I almost forgot today was Mimi Day. How dare they hold the Olympics when Mimi has a new album coming out those motherf-ckers!

Anyway, Triumphant (Get ‘Em) has been released.

I think...

I am underwhelmed. Because I can’t see her.  To enjoy Mimi is to watch Mimi. I mean...when was the last time you actually appreciated Mimi for being a Voice as opposed to a Mimi?

In other words, when the video comes out, this will be my favourite song, obviously.

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