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It’s a new film for HBO written by Larry David and the cast includes Jon Hamm, Danny McBride, Michael Keaton, Bill Hader, Eva Mendes, and Amy Ryan. David plays a f-ck up who tries to f-ck up his old boss, or something. It sounds like a comedy about horrible people. I’m excited. And I’m excited too about Kate Hudson’s recently improved career moves. She was at TIFF for Mira Nair’s The Reluctant Fundamentalist, she looks great in Glee, she’s actively staying away from the romantic comedies, she’s actively looking for work in ensembles, refreshingly happy to not have to play a lead, and it just might benefit her in the end when she does move into leading roles, but as a female action star instead. This is apparently the eventual goal.

I get a lot of email about Kate and Matt Bellamy and what that situation is like. We were at the same party one night at TIFF - when she wore that white Alexander McQueen dress - and they seem to be really into each other and super chill when they’re around each other. There’s no mounting and grinding in a corner or anything but they do stay close and sometimes there’s a private joke that’s exchanged but what was most remarkable, to me at least, was how comfortable he seemed in what was supposed to be her world. She’s clearly the main event. And there was never, not for a minute, the sense that he either resented it or was embarrassed by it, or anything less than totally down with it. Just to put it in perspective, I observed on several occasions Marc Anthony incapable of handling it around JLo when they were married. Chris Martin isn’t exactly a superstar about that either. Kate dated Lance Armstrong a few years ago. You can imagine how different that would have been, compared to what I observed in Bellamy.


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