Super Bowl Ferris

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 27, 2012 17:14:19 January 27, 2012 17:14:19
I used to watch The Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off back to back over and over again. I used to want to be Ferris’s girlfriend Sloane. Because her name was Sloane which seemed so awesome and different in 1986 and she was cool as sh-t too. Also, hot. What happened to Mia Sara anyway?

Did you forget how cute Matthew Broderick used to be? Did you forget how cute Charlie Sheen used to be? I am so happy they never released a sequel. But I am so afraid they will do a remake. SO afraid.

Anyway, a new teaser ad has just appeared featuring Broderick and one line. A very recognisable line. And even more recognisable music. The full commercial will air during the Super Bowl. How do we feel about this? How much money did they throw at him for this? Broderick has been pretty good about not pulling out the Ferris very often, if at all. So this...creatively I’m thinking it would have to have been a good pitch. And financially? Maybe it’s enough so that his wife can say no to a sh-tty movie for a change.   

Here they are last night at the premiere of Smash.

Stephen Lovekin/Andy Kropa/Getty

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