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Oh look it’s Matthew McConaughey chilling on a street bench in New York today, wearing and living his motto...

Just Keep Livin’

I mean, where else would you find him? This is what he actually does. As he tries not to think about food. McConaughey is supposed to lose another 10 lbs (he’s 25 down) by September to start shooting The Dallas Buyers’ Club. He plays a man with AIDS - true story - who has to smuggle his medication in illegally.

In May, in her preview piece, where McConaughey had two films in competition (yes, Matthew McConaughey), Sarah noted that 2012 was the year that “(he) rediscovered his career”. Indeed he’s riding some highs from Magic Mike (thanks to his successor Channing Tatum) and he has several promising projects lined up. It’s going so well for McConaughey that Sarah went on to predict, because she’s a big ball hitter, that he would receive an Oscar nomination in 2013. I wonder though if she may have been a year early. The physical transformation in The Dallas Buyers’ Club seems especially suited for the Academy. That might be the big Oscar push.


Matthew McConaughey?

I can’t actually believe I just wrote all that.

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