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Written by Jacek

Lainey recently handicapped the Sexiest Man Alive ‘race’ and talked about the need for the Sexiest Man to meet certain criteria. One of which is the need for the man to be a guy’s guy. The kind of guy you could watch the football game with or go on-on-one on the court against. Rob is not this guy. Blenderlegs Efron is also not this guy, although I, too, am starting to like him since his kindness outside Covenant House. Still can’t picture driving past him on the way to the hoop though.

Matthew McConaughey is definitely this kind of guy. Coolest cat on the block. I’d love to hang with Matthew but I’d probably bore the sh-t out of him.  We'd be sitting there and I'd be telling him my theories on why Canuck defencemen can't hold the line and never throw a hit, and after 15 minutes he'd be like ya, cool...hey...I gotta tend to a couple of things but we have to hang some more... alraaaight.  cool and then he'd slip out. But still, he passes the guy test. And I thought you’d all appreciate an excuse to post pics of him so…

Here’s Matthew in Malibu leaving the gym today after his (surprise!) workout. Dude never stops working out.

As for what else he’s up to...According to Lainey his woman is pregnant for the second time. I was going to say he has a second kid on the way but who knows how many Matthews are running around out there. He also has a new movie in pre-production called Southbound. According to IMDB, Southbound is about “a border patrol officer (who) finds himself caught in the middle of a war between a Mexican crime family and the U.S. immigration police when he comes into contact with a beautiful Mexican woman." The woman is Eva Mendes. Hot. It’s supposed to start shooting in January.

Written by Jacek
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