Unlikely Naming Skills: Fox and Green

October 17, 2012 20:07:13 Posted at October 17, 2012 20:07:13
Duana Posted by Duana

So Megan Fox and Brian (Austin) Green’s son was born at the end of September and we’re just now hearing about it. Does it make you love them a little bit? It does, right?  

I have bad news – you might be about to love them more. If you’ve been getting in on this name snob thing (and a lot of you have, so, thanks first of all, and second, HA, welcome to the addiction that never ends), you will be charmed by their boy’s name: Noah Shannon Green.

It’s SO good. It really is. Notice that I said “their boy”? It’s because “Noah” doesn’t immediately denote a particular time when he was born – it’s timeless. It bobs along on the popularity train -- right up at #5 last year -- but somehow it still feels appropriate, not overused. Nothing relative to, say, your “Caydens”. It’s a nice name that will grow into a man’s name.

And don’t any of you get up on me with the whole “oh but ‘Shannon’” – first of all, Shannon is a lovely name and was, like many typical girls names today, originally for males, and in this context, seems to be something maybe family-related? If they  were going for something shocking or “out there”, they would have made it much more dramatic. Let us never forget Bronx Mowgli.

I also have to point out that there are some types who would need a “soft” name like Noah to be followed by something utterly manly: Thomas, Daniel, Matthew. They didn’t go that way. I’m liking them even more. And as Lainey mentioned, it goes really well with BAG’s older son, Cassius. Cassius is undoubtedly more distinct, but as a sibling group, I buy it. Noah’s brother Cassius. Cassius and Noah. Blending the two siblings, regardless of who shares which parents? That’s skillful and important work. They did a nice job.

I mean, to play Devil’s Advocate, if I were getting REALLY nitpicky, I’d say they could have added another syllable somewhere, since apparently the ideal first-middle-last names, when it comes to flow and music to the ears, should be a combination of a three, two, and one syllable name -- Lucy Alexis Liu is an example here -- but since nobody really says all three names after your birth announcement, who cares?

This is lovely, and as a result I may have to like them a lot more, as might you.   I’m sorry/you’re welcome?

Attached -- Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green on September 23, 4 days before she gave birth.

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