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Michael Buble is promoting a new album all over the world. Last week he was in London, on morning television, on X Factor, Graham Norton, signing autographs, all in service of the appropriately corny titled Crazy Love which is topping the charts, a huge smash hit.

Congratulations Michael. On the success of the album and also on a great promotional tour.

Have you watched any of his appearances? Listened to the interviews?

This is a strategically honest and candid Michael Buble. He called himself a douchebag on Q with Jian Ghomeshi, admitted to f-cking it all up with Emily Blunt, stopping juuuuust shy of admitting he cheated, pretty much repeated the same with George Stroumboulopoulos, and was convincingly contrite on Oprah too…

Not bad, Buble. Not bad at all.

Thanks to those of you who let me know about Michael Buble’s article in the November issue of Elle Canada. I appreciate that Buble is honest about fame and fame tactics, unlike so many of his peers who seek it but pretend not to like it, Michael and his girlfriend readily admit that they actually enjoy it:

“She likes (the attention) too; most people do. The only thing that bugs me, truly, is when a celebrity uses the tabloids to gain access to fame and then says ‘Oh, they won’t leave me alone!’ Well, dude!”

And, even more interesting, to me at least, is that Buble’s been made aware that I, um, have been critical of his cheese.

"The truth is," says Buble, "I've made my share of mistakes, and I've done things that were really classy and things that were not." It's the latter upon which some of his critics pounce -- like, for example a local gossip columnist who has described him in very unflattering terms. “Lainey doesn't like me very much," understates Buble. "You know, I've talked to people who know her; they say she's a really nice girl. If I got to know her, I'd probably like her. And I'd like to say that if she got to know me, I would hope she’d like me.". Mmm-hmmm. Sure you do.

This sounds like a challenge.

Various photos attached of Michael in London and a screen cap of his video for Haven’t Met You Yet with the girlfriend Luisana Lopilato.

Thanks to Elle Canada for the pages.

Photos from Wenn.com

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