Michael Fassbender’s drinking buddies

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 12, 2013 18:02:51 March 12, 2013 18:02:51

Michael Fassbender was in Jonah Hex????????????

This is what I just wrote to Sarah on BBM. Followed by...


I only learned this because I did a search on the photo database for “Josh Brolin + Michael Fassbender” and these shots of him with Brolin and Megan Fox at Comic-Con came up.

HOW did he escape the scorn?

Sarah says it’s because his costume and makeup made him indistinguishable.

They really do have to do what they have to while they’re waiting for the better roles.

Anyway, the point of this story, originally, was that Fassbender has been partying with the newly single Brolin, and Bradley Cooper in Hollywood lately. PEOPLE reports that they were all at the bar together on Friday. Was it messy? I feel like that would have been messy.

In other Fassbender news, due to scheduling issues, he’s dropped out of Jane’s Got A Gun with Natalie Portman.

OK but let’s go back to his drinking buddies...

When I searched “Josh Brolin + Bradley Cooper”, this came up -- Josh Brolin smiling like a goof and Mel Gibson leaning over some ladies to shake Jane Fonda’s hand.

Is Mel Gibson part of the crew too?

Gibson, Brolin, Fassbender...

And what could possibly be the common denominator?

Ari Perilstein/ Michael Buckner/ Getty

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