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Michael Fassbender in Tokyo

February 15, 2017 20:47:53 Posted at February 15, 2017 20:47:53
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Jun Sato/ Getty Images

Michael Fassbender is in Tokyo today promoting Assassin’s Creed. The movie didn’t make much of an impact in North America but made back all of its money and more internationally. So, as a producer, he needs to keep pushing it in foreign markets, especially if he wants to get the sequels made. Full Story

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Do you trust it?

December 28, 2016 19:17:22 Posted at December 28, 2016 19:17:22
Sarah Posted by Sarah

The first trailer—red band, so watch those volume levels if you’re at work—for Alien: Covenant was released over the weekend, just in case your holiday didn’t feel enough like a horror show. I don’t think this trailer is as effective as the Prometheus trailer, for two reasons. Full Story

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Michael Fassbender in Assassin’s Creed

December 23, 2016 16:31:32 Posted at December 23, 2016 16:31:32
Sarah Posted by Sarah
Clemens Bilan/ Getty Images

Capping off my week of ridiculous movies is Assassin’s Creed, Michael Fassbender’s adaptation of the popular video game series. Fassbender put a lot on the line with this one, not only starring in it but also producing through his DMC Film banner. Full Story

Michael Fassbender opens today

December 21, 2016 15:54:19 Posted at December 21, 2016 15:54:19
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Lloyd Bishop/ NBC/ NBCU/ Getty Images

Michael Fassbender’s Assassin’s Creed opens today. As you probably know, it’s based on the video game. Video game film adaptations are usually sh-t. We were supposed to think that maybe this one would be the exception because Michael Fassbender is a Serious Actor. Full Story

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Fox is having an X-Man problem

November 9, 2016 17:39:23 Posted at November 9, 2016 17:39:23
Sarah Posted by Sarah

So let’s just get this out of the way: That happened. I don’t know what to say. Except—I’m sorry. For all of us, but mostly for those who now legitimately fear for their rights, and even their lives. We’ll get through this, but it’s going to suck. But the world keeps turning, and today that means news out of Fox that the X-Men franchise might be in a little bit of trouble. Full Story

Michael Fassbender's Personality Pivot at TIFF Soiree

September 8, 2016 15:18:16 Posted at September 8, 2016 15:18:16
Joanna Posted by Joanna
Walter McBride/ Matt Winkelmeyer/ GP Images/ Getty Images

Michael Fassbender admits he "gets off" on watching his movies for the first time with an audience, and adds that the adrenaline rush is contagious: What turns Michael Fassbender on? Waiting to see his movies for the 1st time w/ an audience. "I get off on it. I get high from it" #TIFF16 Full Story

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