Destiny’s first heartbreak

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 25, 2010 13:39:21 August 25, 2010 13:39:21

The child star formerly known as Destiny Hope Cyrus is now single. Gossip Cop cites a source close to Liam Hemsworth who claims that it’s done between them, specifically describing Liam as “completely single”.

See? That boy wants things. And gets them. And wants more.

And now Miley, at almost 18, although with no official confirmation at press time, is likely going through a monumental rite of passage: the First Heartbreak. The First Heartbreak irrevocably broke Britney. Lindsay too. While Miley will no doubt front like she’s tough, like she actually believes the lyrics to her cage and tame song, like, yes, Britney and Lindsay before her, right now there’s a lot of transition happening concurrently with this recent upheaval, and the drama of it all, at such a critical time personally and professionally, will be a challenge she’ll have to play out in public.

There’s a KFed out there for everyone. It just depends on whether or not you can avoid him.

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