Oscar Entitlement: Miley Cyrus

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 8, 2010 10:27:19 March 8, 2010 10:27:19

It’s the lack of humility that we’ve addressed so many times before. And on grand occasions like this it’s even more pronounced. They’ve raised her with such an alarming sense of entitlement. And of course, in this town, that sense of entitlement is oftentimes unearned. In front of a room full of people she should be aspiring to BE, she’s already fronting like she IS. One look at that mother and it’s not hard to figure it out. The manifestation of Tish Cyrus’s hunger may not take on the aggressive form of Dina Lohan’s, oh but it’s there. It’s a beast that unleashed another beast. A child beast that has the f-cking nerve to get up on stage at the Oscars and make it all about her.

I don’t give a sh-t that you claim to have anxiety. Read the goddamn prompter and get the hell off my monitor. And don’t speak for your co-presenter either. “We are so nervous”. We? WE? Did Amanda Seyfried ask to be part of the We? No junior, she did not. But this is what happens when you give a brat the spotlight. She keeps eating it and doesn’t know when to stop.

After the Oscars, JailBait hit up the Elton John party with her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. Again, that’s not a boy who’s been waiting. That’s a boy who is already getting.

Photos from Wenn.com and Flynetonline.com and Larry Busacca/MARK RALSTON/Gettyimages.com

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