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Not exactly the most creative title but come ON. It's the only reaction to...

Girl Sh-t Is The Best Sh-t!

The best!

Yesterday I posted about how Katy Perry shamed Miley Cyrus's tongue on Australian television. Click here for a refresher. As I wrote at the time, who the f-ck is Katy Perry to make the leap from tonguing and twerking to disease and immorality. How come she can shove her titty cupcakes in our faces and call it women's agency and Miley can't do it her way without the same consideration?

The beauty of being 21 is that you are primed for a fight any time, no problem, no hesitation. And Miley is a scrapper!

Check out what she tweeted – with pictures!

Now let's go back to the title of this post:


Is the most mature reaction? Of course not. Is it good form? Definitely not.

Is it Great For Gossip?

F-ck yes.

Because it’s always great for gossip when famous people confirm what we already know about other famous people: John Mayer is a douchebag. Russell Brand isn’t exactly the purest. It’s double clever and super c-nty in 140 characters. RIGHT?!?

At post time, Katy hasn’t responded. You think she has the juice to go a full round with Miley? 

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