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Minka Kelly at the GQ event last night. How amazing is Lyla Garrity this season? Can’t get enough of her Jesus love, baby.

And John Mayer apparently hasn’t had enough to Minka Kelly – they were spotted in New York together earlier this week and courtside at a basketball game last week, even though he was also reportedly making out with Cameron Diaz in between. All this on top of whatever he bags during his usual late night trolling.

If you ask me, JM is a major downgrade. Remember – Minka used to deal with Taylor Kitsch, better known as Tim Riggins. Here’s an adorable cast photo taken from the summer and from way back in February. And a few more of Taylor at various events.

Look at him. And add that to the fact that he’s just one of four super super hot guys on the show who regularly take their shirts off AND can act. Now tell me…why aren’t you watching Friday Night Lights?


If you haven’t, now’s your chance with the writer’s strike. Rent season 1 on dvd. Then catch up online for season 2. It will change your life. Trust.

Photos from Splash and Wenn

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