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Do you watch Misfits? Have you been reading long enough to roll your eyes every time I jerk off over Misfits? Look at my Five List. That’s how hard I am for Misfits (although Sheehan should come off soon because, well, Nathan is no more). And why haven’t you started watching Misfits?

Oh, I see. Are you waiting for the US version?

It’s coming.

F-ck us, it’s coming.

And it’s Josh Schwartz and the people behind The O.C., Chuck, and Gossip Girl who will be taking the lead. According to Vulture, reporting exclusively, Schwartz will work with Howard Overman, the creator of Misfits, on a pilot. And while Overman’s involvement may be a reason for optimism, at the same time, well, it’s also undeniable that television is a lot more lucrative in America. Sorry.


Is a mistake.

If there’s any show that doesn’t need remaking, that should be viewed in its original form, it’s Misfits. And, frankly, you can’t translate Misfits for Americans.

Look at our Misfits. Half the time they look like sh-t. Most of the time they look like sh-t. BECAUSE THEY’RE SUPPOSED TO. And because their characters, they feel real.  Kelly’s goddamn Croydon facelift ponytail, that sh-t is real! Their speech is real. The f-cking and the c-nting, all of it is real. These kids they play, they are degenerates. They do not look like pretty up actors made up to look like poseur punks. They don’t go shopping.

Which, essentially, is American TV. Most of all though, it’s an entirely different sensibility. Again, as noted in today’s intro, it could be cultural sensibility. Misfits is about teenagers. The teenagers drink, drug, have sex, do really stupid things, kill people, sometimes by accident and sometimes not, and, generally behave really badly, abusing each other and themselves, all while forging an unbreakable bond. It is violent. VERY violent. It is provocative. It is hilarious. And it is also insightful, if you’re willing to see.

In America?

They would parent-group the sh-t out of Misfits. Look what they did to Skins. And Skins totally, totally sucked. They glossed it over and it still died in the USA.

It’s terrible, terrible news, this. Misfits for America is terrible, terrible news.

Click here to read the entire Vulture report.

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