Duana Names: Bitch Stole My Name


Hi Duana, I am currently pregnant with my first child and am having a bit of a name dilemma. The background story is this: I had made the mistake of telling a girlfriend of mine, L, that I liked the name Chloe, and coming from a European upbringing, this is not a common name.  Well about a year ago, I was at a BBQ with L and her friend M, and M proceeds to tell me that she recently bought a puppy (same breed that I was looking at adopting) and named this dog Chloe! I was flabbergasted and from that point knew I couldn't trust L anymore because she went to M and told her about our personal conversations. Full Story


Sasha’s INTO IT: Rag & Bone Jeans


WHAT:  RAG & BONE JEANS WHERE:  HOLT RENFREW IN CANADA AND EVERYWHERE ELSE CLICK HERE WHY: I have two missions in life:  1. Make tampons free and 2.  Find the most comfortable pair of denim on the planet. Full Story


Carpets & Candids: Jessica Alba’s blue prom Versace


Versace can still design a dress. But sometimes…sometimes they end up looking so cheap. It’s the colour. It’s the material. It’s the combination of this particular colour and that material… You would have found at least one of these at every prom across North America in June. Full Story

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