Carpets & Candids: Gwen’s houndstooth leggings


Houndstooth anything at this point, you know? But a pair of leggings underneath an Adidas warm up jacket… Yeah. In my world, I’d wear it as a uniform.  Full Story


Smutty Fitness: It’s not about The One


In the world of health and wellness there is always a new fad attempting to tell you that if you do a particular exercise, or eat a certain supplement, or cut a specific item out of your diet, all of your weight loss struggles will be solved.    The problem with the fitness industry is everyone is trying to make a dollar or two, and if they can convince you that their product or their way is the best, then perhaps you will convince all of your friends the same thing and then they will convince all of their friends as well. Full Story


Duana Names:...And Isn’t Yosemite


Hi Duana, My husband and I are expecting our first -- a boy -- and we have no clue what to name the little guy. Years ago we joked around about baby names (at least I thought we were joking) like Aloysius or Yosemite, but it seems that my husband actually likes them. We both have very traditional names (think English Kings/Queens), so I'd like the babies name to semi-mesh with ours, but I would also love something that could reflect my Eastern European heritage. Full Story

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