“We Can Be Heroes”


Game Of Thrones. A trailer. Set to David Bowie. Well, not him, exactly, but that’s who I associate with the song. And what do we have here? Margaery is getting married. Again. How many f-cking times is she going to marry a guy who ends up dying right after he marries her? Black Widow! Tyrion appears to be on his way to finding the Khaleesi which…good. Full Story


Boston celebrities talk about Tom Brady’s balls


Deflategate, in which the New England Patriots are accused of deflating footballs because OH MY GOD WHO CARES. It’s the stupidest sports controversy in recent memory and I’m pretty sure it’s only a thing because there is no other interesting narrative around this Super Bowl. Full Story


Christian Grey or Ryan Seacrest?


Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan cover the new issue of GLAMOUR in advance of the release of Fifty Shades Of Grey. He looks so much better with facial hair. And, as you know, the Christian Grey character, the way it’s being represented in the film, does not have any facial hair. A new trailer for the movie is now available with more sex angles. Full Story

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