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Marvel rocks Comic-Con 2013: Friday edition

July 22, 2013 13:58:07 Posted at July 22, 2013 13:58:07
Sarah Posted by Sarah
Ethan Miller/ Kevin Winter/ Getty

Is it any surprise? It’s their second home. Marvel made an impressive showing on Friday in both Hall H for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and in Ballroom 20 for their TV venture, Agents of SHIELD. First up, the Agents of SHIELD panel in Ballroom 20. Agent Coulson himself, Clark Gregg, got a standing ovation when he was introduced—by far the biggest reaction for any Marvel actor except for Tom Hiddleston, and even then it was pretty close. Full Story

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Tris & Four at Comic-Con

July 19, 2013 18:34:34 Posted at July 19, 2013 18:34:34
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Ethan Miller/ Jerod Harris/ Joe Scarnici/ Getty

Dauntless at Comic-Con. It was a big day for Divergent at Comic-Con to kick off this year’s Dork Storm, as Sarah calls it. Look how many outfits Shailene Woodley had to wear. Woodley of course is the new would-be Kristen Stewart/Jennifer Lawrence, headlining the film adaptation of Veronica Roth’s book series. Full Story

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Jen balances out the wig

July 19, 2013 14:59:23 Posted at July 19, 2013 14:59:23
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Wenn, Dave Spencer/ Splash

Jennifer Aniston has been shooting Squirrels For The Nuts in New York this week. That wig she has to wear for the character is pretty sad. If you had to be in costume like that with a wig that sad for 8 hours a day or more, would you show up to set reminding everyone of the real thing? What is the real thing? The real thing is great hair, a tight body, toned legs, her favourite wedge sandals, and, you know, the front side well tweaked. Full Story

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Mandela’s Waving Flag

July 19, 2013 14:23:56 Posted at July 19, 2013 14:23:56
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Last week we saw a teaser. This week they’re giving us the first full length trailer for Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom, starring Idris Elba in the title role and Naomie Harris as Winnie Mandela. Yesterday was also Nelson Mandela’s 95th birthday. As I’ve already mentioned, several times, Elba’s performance in this film is said to be nomination-worthy, in a year featuring several nomination-worthy performances from black actors including Michael B Jordan in Fruitvale, Forest Whittaker in The Butler, and Chiwetel Ejiofor in 12 Years A Slave. Full Story

Jamie Foxx blue himself

July 18, 2013 19:54:56 Posted at July 18, 2013 19:54:56
Sarah Posted by Sarah

In other EW-related news, they also had a teaser for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 featuring Jamie Foxx as the villain, Electro. He looks a million times better than Rhys Ifans did as the Lizard, so the sequel is already one up on the reboot. I especially like the way his brain is pulsing in the three seconds in which we get to see him. Full Story

Are they offering refunds?

July 18, 2013 14:42:23 Posted at July 18, 2013 14:42:23
Maria Posted by Maria

Crowdfunding for movies with established stars attached – it’s all a bit confusing isn’t it? Like, why would I give money to James Franco? (Read Sarah’s thoughts on it here). Not that I’m telling anyone how to spend their money, but $40 for a T-shirt from a movie that hasn’t even been made? Non-profit and charity fundraisers must be weeping. Full Story

Blonde Channing Tatum

July 18, 2013 14:25:09 Posted at July 18, 2013 14:25:09
Lainey Posted by Lainey
MGG/ Splash

He’s in Chicago shooting Jupiter Ascending. And he’s blonde, the kind of blonde that looks tinted green in some light. You dig it? I … kinda do. That may be because I like him so much (by celebrity standards) or it could be because, ultimately, I’m one of those losers who misses the tackiness of the late 90s and early 2000s. Full Story

Dork Storm 2013: The Dorkening

July 17, 2013 20:10:31 Posted at July 17, 2013 20:10:31
Sarah Posted by Sarah

It’s July, which means it’s time once again for the annual Gathering of the Geeks down in San Diego, otherwise known as Comic-Con. It also means we’re going to be getting a deluge of trailers and production announcements as studios and networks hawk their wares. Thursday Comic-Con kicks off today with a preview night, and Thursday opens the convention with a relatively light schedule. Full Story

Jen's fringed bob

July 17, 2013 14:50:52 Posted at July 17, 2013 14:50:52
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Dave Spencer/ Splash

This is apparently what Jennifer Aniston's hair in Squirrels For The Nuts will look like. This is apparently what "therapist" hair looks like? She plays one in the film. Here's Jen heading to set today wearing her big engagement ring. These shots provide a really good illustration of what a difference good hair makes. Full Story

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Vera and The Conjuring

July 17, 2013 14:03:23 Posted at July 17, 2013 14:03:23
Lainey Posted by Lainey
PUNKD Images

Check out Vera Farmiga arriving in Vancouver to begin production on the second season of Bates Motel. Her new film The Conjuring opens this weekend. It’s currently sitting at 90% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. I was at The Conjuring junket for etalk a couple of weeks ago in San Francisco. Full Story

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12 Years a Slave is coming for Oscar

July 17, 2013 13:40:32 Posted at July 17, 2013 13:40:32
Sarah Posted by Sarah
Dave M. Benett/ Getty

The first trailer for Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave is out and holy hell, you guys. A friend put it perfectly—this isn’t Oscar bait-y, this is Oscar win-y. Based on the true story of a man who was born free in the North and then kidnapped and sold into slavery, this is not Django Unchained and its wish fulfillment. Full Story