My 2014 #AmexLife in review

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Earlier this year I became an AMEX ambassador. It was a partnership I was excited about, knowing Amex is a brand that encourages ambitious people (like me) who are looking for ways to enrich their lives through meaningful experiences and live life to the fullest. This is what the #AmexLife is all about.

For me, it was a big year. My book, Listen To The Squawking Chicken, was published! I remember heading to my first US book signing in New York and being nervous about getting heckled. I remember going to Chicago to promote the book at Anderson Bookshop in Naperville and learning that many years before, JK Rowling was there for the first Harry Potter and only 9 people showed up. Afterwards, Sarah and I went for cocktails and steaks at a great place called Bavette’s. We hadn’t seen each other in two years. It was so great to catch up and gossip. About movies and Ben Affleck and boys and by the way, Chicago’s Barneys is better than the one in LA. Better service for sure.

My #AmexLife has been about being able to connect with the people who are closest to me like Sarah and my best friend, Fiona.  Fiona is one of the great loves of my life. She met me in LA though for the West Coast leg of the US book tour. We love sleepovers. We had a sleepover at the Sunset Marquis and then it was two nights in San Francisco with perfect weather and suuuuch great dimsum and we got drunk in our room and God I miss her every day now that we don’t live in the same city. She’s the one I spent Valentine’s Day with in Vancouver at the Miley Cyrus concert and I just went home to Vancouver to see her for Christmas. Our plan for months had been to get a room at the River Rock Casino (and did). We had dinner at the restaurant there, gambled, hung out at the cheesy bar, and stayed up all night until we had to break to spend time with our families.

#AmexLife is about inspiring people to enjoy the enriched moments in their everyday lives, big or small.  For me, it’s about connecting with the people I love around the world. So what would your #AmexLife be like? Or what does it look like if you have one too? Tweet at me with the hashtag #AmexLife and tell me about it.

Attached is a collage of my #AmexLife in 2014. Tell me about yours.  And if you don’t have a Card and are interested in finding out more about the one that might be right for you, please click here for their main site or here to visit their Facebook page.

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