A Season of Kleenex® Moments – a recap

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 14, 2014 13:42:55 April 14, 2014 13:42:55

Kleenex® is rolling out a series of exclusive new Isaac Mizrahi designs to their boxes, dispensers, and other forms of packaging you might reach for when in need of a tissue. Because when you need a tissue, shouldn’t you be needing it in style?

With that in mind, here’s a look back at my top “Pass me a Kleenex” moments of Q1 in Gossip 2014…and that doesn’t necessarily have to mean it’s The Notebook. The emotions vary – from rage to euphoria to ecstasy. Here are mine: 

1. Vin Diesel’s Chinese New Year gift
Pure happiness right here. Vin Diesel going “surfbort” all by himself, showing off his tongue and some, um, serious moves. I became a true fan for the very first time.

2. Baby & His Most Elegant Princess: the routine
The laughs. That was the best laugh you had all day when you watched this video for the first time. And the second time. And all the times. I might be up to 25 times. It’s just…his face at the 0:15 second mark is maybe the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen. Please don’t ever take this away from me.

3. Rihanna & Drake
First there was Paris. They wore white. It was Take Care. There was a subtle grind. And their faces here:

Several destinations across Europe followed and then…a hand hold!

Not sure if they’ll make it through Q2 so I enjoy it while I can.

Now time for some rage.


It’s ok if you take the pizza! Brad Pitt took the pizza! Julia Roberts took the pizza! All your peers took the pizza! You’re too good for the pizza???

Yes. Leo is always too good for the pizza. Leo won’t play. Leo never plays.

5. Lupita Nyong’o
Lupita owned the season. Has anyone ever had a more perfect season? She was brilliant in her film. She was brilliant on stage, every acceptance speech, every interview. She pretty much worked that entire press line at the Oscars, stopping for almost all outlets, elevating that Prada dress to a place it probably didn’t deserve had it not been Lupita wearing it. And then she went to Paris Fashion Week and they loved her there too. Lupita for LIFE!

That’s my list. And yours?

To get more information about the new packaging designs at Kleenex.com please click here and like them here, or hit them up on Twitter.

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