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Duana Names: Perfection Plus What?

Duana Posted by Duana at February 1, 2017 22:48:28 February 1, 2017 22:48:28
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Hi Duana, My husband and I are expecting our second child in 3 weeks, a baby girl. With our first I was obsessed with finding the perfect name to suit our tastes and we were successful in choosing one we absolutely love and never questioned once we found it: Keaton. That first go ‘round I had the time to search and ponder and spend endless hours doing so to my heart’s desire. Full Article

Duana Names: Should We Fix This “Mistake”?

Duana Posted by Duana at January 30, 2017 22:20:41 January 30, 2017 22:20:41
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Dear Duana -- I'm pregnant with Baby No. 3. My husband and I both adored and agreed easily on the name Stella Jane for our oldest. The name hadn't *quite* taken off when we chose it, but, honestly, we didn't care that it was popular; we chose it as a tribute name for Mary, the Mother of God (Our Lady, Stella Maris -- Our Lady, Star of the Sea). Full Article

Duana Names: SON OF TWELVE

Duana Posted by Duana at January 25, 2017 21:51:43 January 25, 2017 21:51:43
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Hi Duana, My boyfriend and I are having our first baby in one month and we need help. We’ve decided to keep the gender a surprise, which means we get all the fun of brainstorming twice as many names. While we’ve got loads of great girl names (possibly too many for someone as indecisive as I am), we are having trouble with boys names and I have a strong feeling this little one will turn out to be a boy. Full Article

Duana Names: Don’t Panic

Duana Posted by Duana at January 20, 2017 21:54:54 January 20, 2017 21:54:54

Hi Duana, Do I have a job for you! My husband and I recently found out we are expecting our second child (our first was born 9 short months ago...surprise!) and are completely lost when it comes to naming number 2. Yes, the name is what I'm focusing on right now so that I don't freak the f*ck out over the thought of having two babes under two. Full Article

Duana Names: To The Day…But Not The Letter

Duana Posted by Duana at January 16, 2017 20:57:26 January 16, 2017 20:57:26
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We are expecting girl2 in mid January (actually have the same due date as with girl1, they will be 3 years apart) and we can't find a name we love as much as we love girl1's name. Girl1 is named Lilian Heather (goes by Lily 85% of the time) and she was named after both our grandmothers. She was born in Scotland, we are now living back in Canada, where both women were from and we would really love a Scottish/Celtic name for girl2 to tie both kids to Scotland. Full Article

Duana Names: Why People Love Math

Duana Posted by Duana at January 13, 2017 20:41:18 January 13, 2017 20:41:18
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We are expecting our second child, a daughter, in February. We lean toward traditional names and spent time finding ones that weren't too popular. Our son is named Peter, and we've chosen Jane as the first name for our daughter. We have a fairly common last name (similar to Wilson) and would like to do something a little more fun and interesting but still somewhat classic for a middle name. Full Article

Duana Names: I Saw The Sign…Right?

Duana Posted by Duana at January 11, 2017 21:56:48 January 11, 2017 21:56:48
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Help! We're having our first, a baby girl at the end of January and for a name we are stumped! I keep waiting for a sign or something to fall upon us which is just perfect, but obviously that hasn't happened yet. I can't wrap my head around just finding a name in a book, liking it, and naming our child that forever! I feel like there needs to be more! For some background, my husband’s name is two syllables and ends in a harsh "T". Full Article

Duana Names: How ‘Under’ is This Underdog?

Duana Posted by Duana at January 6, 2017 21:16:57 January 6, 2017 21:16:57

Hi Duana! My boyfriend and I are expecting a baby boy in January and are in dire need of your help to find a perfect name for him. We both have a French Canadian background and my boyfriend's family name is very French sounding. Because of this, and because we like them anyway, we are looking at classic French names. Full Article

Duana Names: Feliz Navidad!

Duana Posted by Duana at December 23, 2016 21:08:54 December 23, 2016 21:08:54
Gamma-Rapho/ Getty Images

Dear Duana, My best friend has recently gotten pregnant after an extended period of trying, and the new topic of conversation between her and her husband is what to name their to-be baby (gender unknown). It’s a long conversation, because my friend is an historian who likes literary names, and her husband is a Swedish scientist who wants a traditional, short Scandinavian name. Full Article

Duana Names: SOCCERSTAR!

Duana Posted by Duana at December 19, 2016 22:08:47 December 19, 2016 22:08:47
Jean Catuffe / Getty Images

Hi Duana! I’m an Aunt to two amazing boys and my sister is expecting her third (and very much surprise) baby in December. We just found out this week it’s another boy. I’m in Auntie heaven already! Here are the issues: My brother in law is Mexican-Italian and our side of the family is English/Scottish. Full Article