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On the set of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice in New York. As you know, he owes the government something like $13 million, blaming his business manager for piss poor financial advice. Ok, well, there’s sh-tty financial advice and then there’s owning a fleet of 20+ rare luxury vehicles just to have them sit in the garage and look pretty, to say nothing of his alleged penchant for buying random antiques and cult collectors’ items and not one but two castles.

How about some acknowledgement for an excessive and overly entitled lifestyle?

I think about this a lot. About money and change. And it’s a common celebrity refrain that money doesn’t change you but it changes the people AROUND you. Typical celebrity refusal to take ownership for anything. How about it changes everyone? You and them.

Often wonder if I won the lottery or was adopted by Oprah Winfrey one day whether or not it would be the same. I would pay off my parents’ mortgage, donate a lot more, shop all the time, travel luxe and invite all my friends, and buy a really nice house, but would I buy 10 really nice houses? Truly, truly would like to think that I wouldn’t. But I also can’t say I don’t have a corruptible soul.

Anyway, Nic is broke. So he must work. A lot. Which means he’ll be saying yes to pretty much everything. So if you think his movies were sh-t before... just wait.

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