Granny clutches her womb

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 1, 2008 16:59:26 December 1, 2008 16:59:26


Not sure. But don’t put it past her to make you think it.

Last time she was “pregnant”, Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman made a point, always, of using her hand to draw attention to the fact that she was indeed roasting a Sunday inside her womb.

Tonight in Paris at the premiere of Australia, she was at it again…

We get it. Your surrogate is fertile!

On the subject of her forehead though, perhaps it’s the lingering horror from seeing Madonna during the Britney special yesterday, but next to that nightmare, Gran’s immobilised head is almost a relief. Everything is relative, I guess. Even Botox.

But just because Nicole is less frightening than Madge doesn’t mean anyone is any more inclined to see her at the movies. Australia did not open well this weekend. Safe to say, with many more blockbusters slated for release in the coming weeks, Australia’s North American prospects are not likely to turn around. The film then will rely on European tallies. With a rumoured budget of $200 million though, it has a LOT of ground to make up. Even worse, given its mixed reviews, Oscar hopes are dying quickly too.


Hugh and Baz deserve better.

Madonna and Britney For the Record



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