Granny at the Games

July 30, 2012 14:36:10 Posted at July 30, 2012 14:36:10
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Wenn, Dave M. Benett/Mike Marsland/Getty

This is Nicole Kidman’s first public appearance since Katie Holmes broke up with the Church Of Scientology to become Courage Mom, superhero, saving Suri from a life of auditing and being groomed to marry David Miscavige, thus thrusting Nicole’s post-Cruise parenting back into the spotlight.

For the most part, Nicole has stayed undercover. Even though US Weekly reported that Nicole reached out to Katie on the low, the celebrity-friendly Gossip Cop was quick to publish a denial from sources close to Kidman that she and Katie had had no contact whatsoever which... I mean...given how emphatically that came, clearly Nicole didn’t want to have the appearance of anything to do with the situation.

Here’s Granny Freeze at OMEGA House in London this weekend celebrating the Olympics. Disappointingly the face is tighter than ever. And here we thought she might chill her ass out for a while and stay away from the injectibles. Gran is to play Princess Grace soon. Looks like she succumbed to the pressure.

Also those shoes are terrible with that dress.

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