When Third Lip runs...

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 28, 2010 14:24:48 April 28, 2010 14:24:48

I can still see her.

Can you?

And the photos are taken from quite a distance. Third Lip, she is impressively noticeable especially when you least expect her.

Check it out, Third Lip accompanied Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman on a run today in Maui. Fair enough, Third Lip might be looking extra plump because Gran is mouth breathing but I would argue that this only adds to Third Lip’s stature. Because lips are usually bigger when we push them together. Or not. Megan Fox’s aren’t being pushed together and her Third Lip is scaring the plastic citizens of California who should be used to the LA Face styles by now. Amateur conclusion: Third Lips are Third Lips, no matter their positioning.

This is Megan yesterday hitting up a cosmetics store. She was apparently pissed at being photographed. Naturally. Because she’s getting her face “ready” for the June 18th premiere of Jonah Hex. And we’ve caught her too early.

Photos from Flynetonline.com and Famepictures.com

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