No Italian Queen to make coffee

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Amidst a scandal in Italy that has the Italian Queen linked cocaine use and prostitution, George Clooney was spotted in Milan today shooting yet another commercial for Nespresso. I’ve attached a couple below but go to YouTube and they’re all over the network. That useless Camilla Belle is in one of them, probably the one where he looks best. Elisabetta Canalis probably wanted a piece of that action...only now her sh-t is too public, he has to wait before he can clean it up for her. But only for the benefit of others. He likes her that way when they’re at home. Dirty and depraved...what? No of course not. Someone as charming as George Clooney is nothing less than a romance novel come to life.

Anyway, there’s a warm and fuzzy story circulating right now from Jerry Weintraub about a practical joke that George and Brad Pitt once played on him while promoting Oceans 13. They were flying back to LA from Italy:

"We drink one bottle, two bottles we get on the third bottle and I started feeling woozy, and I never get like that. I could drink forever. These guys are drinking with me and I'm woozy and they're fine. And all of a sudden I pass out. I get on the couch and I sleep all the way to L.A. When I got up I felt squishy stuff in my shoes, in my underwear, in my clothes, and they put M&M's in my underwear... I said, 'You sons of bitches! What did you guys do to me?' I found out from the pilots and the stewardess they were drinking water." (Source)

When they’re together everyone jerks off, no exaggeration. Me too. Reminds me of these photos from the Venice Film Festival two years ago for Burn After Reading. It’s expected that George will take The American to the Venice Film Festival this year especially since it was filmed in Italy. The Italian Queen’s presence by his side was also supposed to be a lock. Wonder how they’ll negotiate it now.

John Malkovich alternate version

UPDATE: Yeah so I’ve been in Vegas, offline since Friday and, um, well, not exactly alert. Which means I missed the Venice Film Festival announcement about The American. George is no longer opening it there. Well... that’s less uncomfortable, isn’t it?

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