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Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 25, 2011 17:48:20 October 25, 2011 17:48:20

Justin Timberlake was spotted leaving Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday presumably there to promote IN TIME, opening on Friday. I’m also attaching photos of him out and about over the weekend.

Most of the movies premiering this weekend have been reviewed. The IN TIME reviews have yet to be published, possibly embargoed until at least tomorrow. Even from the major outlets? Normally when this happens, it’s not a great sign. That’s not to say that IN TIME will suck for sure. Of course not. It could just be a request from the studio to build anticipation. But...

You’d think they’d want to start building the buzz. It doesn’t seem like there’s been any buzz at all. In fact, it’s almost been rather quiet. Or maybe I’m just not looking in the right places. Are people talking about IN TIME? Have you heard people talking about IN TIME? Do you even know what IN TIME is?

And then there’s the matter of, you know, his “acting”. You’ve seen the trailer. His “acting” is comic relief. And he can’t blame this one on anyone else. This is HIS movie. Am very, very curious to see how this is received. As previously mentioned, many critics seem reluctant to question his abilities when he’s not singing. In fact, they seem to go out of their way to insist that he can in fact do more than just sing. My problem is that I just don’t believe him. When he delivers a line, I just don’t buy it. Then again, I’m not sure that the intended audience actually cares. The audience might be the same for IN TIME as it is for Fast Furious. And if that’s the case, maybe IN TIME will do big money. In JT’s head though, you get the sense that he thinks he’s above Vin Diesel. More comic relief, see?

In other Justin news - his parents had dinner with Jessica Biel the other night. And her parents are in LA too. And some people are trying to start the rumour that there might be an engagement happening. Well sh-t, I wonder where that’s coming from. So is it legit? I can’t get anything reliable on it. But if I’m him, and she still won’t leave even after Olivia Munn and all the others, why would he need to marry her? It’s not like she’s shown any indication that she believes she deserves better than what he’s given her.

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