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Diane Kruger + Norman Reedus

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 14, 2015 19:35:20 December 14, 2015 19:35:20
J. Countess /Getty Images

The New York Daily News reports that on Friday night, Diane Kruger and Norman Reedus were all over each other in New York. Apparently they showed up at a bar and after sitting down in the back room, she straddled him and they started rubbing on each other and kissing, didn’t care if anyone saw. Full Story

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The Walking Dead wimps out

Sarah Posted by Sarah at November 23, 2015 17:32:12 November 23, 2015 17:32:12

SPOILERS So after putting Glenn in a seemingly inescapable situation and doing everything possible to make it seem like he died, The Walking Dead did not kill off a major popular character after all. The show that is known for killing characters all the time yet somehow has never actually killed off a fan favorite failed to kill off the fan favorite. Full Story

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The Walking Dead season 6 preview

Sarah Posted by Sarah at October 8, 2015 17:36:10 October 8, 2015 17:36:10
Theo Wargo/ NBC/ Getty Images

The Walking Dead kicks off its sixth season this Sunday with a ninety minute episode, which I won’t be recapping. I’m not going to do weekly recaps of The Walking Dead this season, because even though this show is capable of producing some outstanding episodes, as a whole it just isn’t going anywhere. Full Story

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The Walking Dead: More going in circles!

Sarah Posted by Sarah at July 14, 2015 15:29:19 July 14, 2015 15:29:19
Kevin Winter/ John Shearer/ Albert L. Ortega/ Getty Images

At Comic-Con AMC debuted the trailer for season six of The Walking Dead, which looks like every other season of The Walking Dead. Rick & Co. are stuck somewhere, there’s a lot of standing around and arguing, Rick goes nuts for a little while and everyone questions his leadership, and then in the end, Rick will be vindicated as everyone turns to him to save them from the current external threat. Full Story

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The Walking Dead 5.14: “You should have listened”

Sarah Posted by Sarah at March 16, 2015 12:20:57 March 16, 2015 12:20:57
Ben Gabbe/ Mike Coppola/ Getty Images

The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 14 recap. So Alexandria proves too good to be true because it’s populated almost entirely by ASSHOLES and COWARDS. These people don’t have a f*cking clue what they’re doing. Deanna isn’t stupid, but as I mentioned last week, she’s underestimated Rick & Co. Full Story

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The Walking Dead 5.13: “The longer they’re out there”

Sarah Posted by Sarah at March 9, 2015 14:13:40 March 9, 2015 14:13:40
Daniel Boczarski/ Getty Images

The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 13 recap.  Last week I mentioned that it seems like Rick & Co. are becoming the villains of the show, and Dustin Rowles over at Pajiba posited that they might actually be the “wolves” hinted at throughout the season. Full Story

Daryl Dixon goes solo

Sarah Posted by Sarah at February 6, 2015 16:56:25 February 6, 2015 16:56:25

The Walking Dead returns this Sunday, and Entertainment Weekly dedicated this week’s cover feature to the show. Usually when they do this, they have a group cover shot, or multiple cover variants for different characters on the show, but this time they’ve given the lone cover to Norman Reedus by himself. Full Story

All that matters on The Walking Dead is survival

Sarah Posted by Sarah at January 12, 2015 19:26:21 January 12, 2015 19:26:21
Jun Sato/ Getty Images

Season five of The Walking Dead returns in a month and AMC has released a teaser for the final half of the season. I don’t think it’s actual episode footage, but the emphasis is on survival as Rick says that “all that matters is surviving—together.” So it would seem that Rick has given up on his dreams of finding a safe, permanent settlement. Full Story

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Norman Reedus is into pajama onesies

Sarah Posted by Sarah at December 22, 2014 18:33:34 December 22, 2014 18:33:34
247PapsTV / Splash News

I feel like this is the only part of his Reddit AMA Lainey will care about. Reedus participated in an “Ask Me Anything” session on Reddit over the weekend in order to promote his involvement with The Felix Organization (a group that benefits foster children). Full Story

Two weeks ‘til Dead

Sarah Posted by Sarah at October 2, 2014 15:21:49 October 2, 2014 15:21:49

October 12th is the premiere of The Walking Dead, season 5. Are you ready? I had to replace my DVR box over the summer and to be honest, when faced with programming the new one, I wavered on The Walking Dead. It’s half a hate-watch already, and I’m always one Rick crying jag away from being disgusted with it. Full Story

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