October 5, 2011 - Smutty Shout-Outs

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 5, 2011 14:34:39 October 5, 2011 14:34:39

Paul! It is your wife’s birthday today. Oh sh-t! How many times did Gigi repeat that last night? Anyway Jenn says you have been a hero this last week. And of course she’s not pissy. She says you’re the most awesome husband and that “what you do every other regular day of her life more than makes up for this”. SO SWEET! And even sweeter, for her birthday she has requested for you a photo of each of your favourites: Pam Grier, Sofia Loren (who didn’t even have to shave), Matt Damon (who, yes, yes, is the ONLY Bourne but maybe you should stop complaining about it), Susan Sarandon, and Catherine Keener. What great taste you have!  

Mary-Margaret: Happy 30th birthday from your ‘wife’ Jenn. Wishing you a year full of happiness, stress-free wedding planning, cheesy TV and all the pickles you can eat.
Happy Birthday Christina W - your first with Lucie - from the “Centre” at RGC.

And for Lucc from your #1 fan Sandra - Happy 52nd Birthday!

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