On MK"s new look

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 18, 2006 12:00:00 December 18, 2006 12:00:00
I have a thing for the Olsens. No matter how out there, no matter how weird, no matter how puckered and pouty, I love what they wear. It also helps to know they"re billionaires so even though they look like they"re destitute, you know their particular brand of destitute is probably as deluxe as it gets. Still...I can"t say I"m behind MK"s new platinum. The hair on its own is fantastic. I love the hair and the colour but the hair isn"t the problem. The problem, you see, is the bright blonde and the fur. And no, I"m not about to launch in to a PETA debate here. It’s just that MK has a certain “look”, you know? Something about her features, something about the red lips, something about the bone structure – does it strike you as a little… ummmmm…. Eastern Bloc? And when you combine that with the hair and the fur, especially the fur, the fur that makes the red lips tacky, what you get is less young rich fashion maverick and more Russian figure skating coach smoking on the sidelines. Can you see it? A woman named Oksana, with a gravelly voice, a 2-pack a day voice, who doesn’t offer compliments but always offers criticism, and the special brand of athletic nurturing that produces world class Olympic Ice Dance and Pairs Champions heavy on artistry and Rachmaninoff… Can you see it? Because this is what I see when I see Mary Kate. Lose the coat and we’re all good. Keep the coat and it’s Minsk on Ice.

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