Best Freakout - Tie: Random Producer/Vivica A. Fox

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 8, 2010 05:22:11 March 8, 2010 05:22:11

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Generally speaking, the Roosevelt is where the media get ready, and then charge across the street to the red carpet. Which means at 2:30 PM, there's an incredible bottleneck for the two (small!) elevators because of course everyone is getting ready on every floor and heading downstairs. So they're slooow.

I head down holding shoes that SOMEONE forgot in her room and could not be happier that she did. Waiting on my floor are six people, including a VERY irate producer and Giuliana Rancic. Irate Producer decides to BANG on the missing elevator door as though to tell the people on the actual elevator how very displeased he is. But then a lady who works at the hotel kindly offered us the service elevator. So around the floor we all go, behind Giuliana who is TALL and THIN and tucked into a VERY big gown.

But then the wait begins again. Service Elevator also not coming. Random Producer is IRATE.

And one of the ladies tells me the elevator - the real, non-service one - is finally here! And I FLY around the corner to the packed elevator which is packed with: Oren Moverman, co-nominee for best screenplay for The Messenger, Vivica Fox, and Lainey, who is trying her BEST not to giggle, and soon I find out why. Because Vivica is carrying on a DIALOGUE - apparently to herself - as we stop on every floor, as though being irritated with the elevator is going to make it go faster.

Having said that, she landed on the ground floor before Irate Producer. So there's something to be said.

I love today.

Note from Lainey:

Laura also had a run-in with Vivica today. In the hotel. And she was moaning about her weave. And she kept yanking that sh-t up and down all over the place. Laura pretends like she was horrified. Please. She stood there and watched every minute.

Unfortunately I have tried several photo agencies and no Vivica at the Oscars photos can be found. This alone has brought on a brand new set of snorts. You’ll have to settle for these shots of her from a few days ago at a pre-Oscar party.

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