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As I noted yesterday - click here for a refresher - Mark Harris predicted Rooney Mara would be on the list of five Best Actresses. Only he thought she’d make it in over Glenn Close. Turns out she made it in at the expense of Tilda Swinton. Because the Academy couldn’t bring itself to watch a movie about a mother and her serial killer son. They would not have had a hard time though with a film in which a girl gets brutalised and sexualised to the musical stylings of Trent Reznor. For real.

Either way, this was the Academy’s way of including a “fresh new face” at the show. Most presumed that title would be held this year by Shailene Woodley for The Descendants. Shailene’s spot however was taken over by Melissa McCarthy for Bridesmaids. No one is hating on this, right? Please say you’re not hating on this. You know who’s happiest about it though? Chloe Moretz. Ha.

Who’s the Tilda Swinton of the Best Supporting Actors?

See ya later, Albert Brooks. Make room for Jonah Hill. JONAH HILL was just nominated for an Oscar. And Leonardo DiCaprio and Michael Fassbender were not. Are you still standing?

There is a lot to bitch about. But, you know, there’s also lot to positively acknowledge. Like Midnight In Paris. Interestingly enough, Woody Allen gets a Best Director nomination but NOT Steven Spielberg for War Horse. Midnight In Paris, my favourite of the nine films nominated for Best Picture, also received a screenplay nod. And Spielberg was passed over in favour of Terrence Malick too. So it looks like the Academy wasn’t scared away by the dinosaur.

Now begins 3 weeks of intense campaigning.

They say The Artist will run away. The Artist is the lock. Why am I still not convinced? Personal feelings aside - because, frankly, having seen The Artist, and enjoyed it ok, I’m just not all that evangelical about it either - I feel like we’re due for one of those huge upset years, like when Crash unseated Brokeback Mountain.  Agree or disagree?

Attached - Jennifer Lawrence announcing this morning.

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