Oscar Shaping: Brange & Critics’ Choice

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The Critics’ Choice nominations were announced today.  The Artist and Hugo continue to receive a lot of love across the board. Same goes for The Descendants. But you know what movie I loved so much this year which is also, quietly, getting recognised almost everywhere?

Midnight In Paris

We still don’t know how many films will contend for the big prize at the Kodak, but Paris has been just as consistent as some of the other 4th, 5th, and 6th place titles. I feel like it’s wide open right now, this race. And instead of narrowing, it’s only getting more and more competitive. Fun, non?

The experts will have more thorough analysis of today’s nominations, especially since the Critics’ Choice selections are generally accurate-ish Oscar prognosticators.  Here though are my own quick observations...

Holy sh-t Glenn Close is sinking fast.

Where IS she?

She was left off the Critics’ Choice ballot completely in favour of Elizabeth Olsen though I’m not entirely sure this can be taken as a win for Olsen since there are 6 spots here instead of 5 and if you assume that Streep, David, Williams, and Swinton are pretty much locked, it would mean Olsen has to fight it out with Theron and Close for the remaining position. Those two ladies have a lot more friends in the Academy is all I’m saying.


Oh hi Ryan Gosling, Critics’ Choice nominee for Drive for Best Actor over Gary Oldman. How did this happen?


was nominated for Best Comedy but it was left off the list for Best Picture. If you ask me, I’d swap Bridesmaids for The Descendants. Or The Help. And both of those two for Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2. But you know how it is with these associations and these academies.  It’s up to McCarthy then to carry it for her movie.

Look, I think Jessica Chastain has a bright future. And she was good in all 80 of her movies this year. Were any of her roles totally transformational? More than McCarthy? On a personal level, I’d rather see McCarthy take it this year in Supporting Actress.


The Brange will be at Critics’ Choice. They included Brad Pitt among their 6 for Best Actor. So he and the Jolie will attend. This is Great for Gossip. Because the Brange at Critics’ Choice, they are always Great for Gossip. In fact, they might be more tactile at Critics’ Choice, especially at their table, than they are anywhere else, including the Globes. It’s Pitt Porn and it is awesome. Let me remind you - here they are in 2008 and 2009.

The Critics’ Choice Awards happen on January 12. Click here for a full list of nominees.

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