Nothing Is Impossible In California

June 3, 2013 17:50:07 Posted at June 3, 2013 17:50:07
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Mad Men Season 6 Episode 10 recap I could have sworn Don called Megan “honey” during their conversation while they each watched the riots on TV. It’s impossible, of course. He doesn’t show that kind of affection to his three-year-old, let alone his wife. But am I so off-base for thinking it might have been the case? He was softer overall this episode, a personality change that I assume is attributed to the upcoming trip to California. Full Story

(Future) President The BIC

June 3, 2013 17:39:43 Posted at June 3, 2013 17:39:43
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Along with Salma Hayek and Frida Giannini, Beyonce co-founded Chime For Change, a women’s rights advocacy charity to increase access to education, health care, and justice. The Chime For Change concert happened this weekend. Beyonce was the headliner, obviously, and JLO, Mary J Blige, Florence + The Machine, and others also performed. Full Story

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RDJ moves on

June 3, 2013 16:47:53 Posted at June 3, 2013 16:47:53
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For many people, it’s a foregone conclusion that Iron Man 3 will be the most highest grossing movie of the year. Can Man Of Steel challenge that? I saw firsthand this weekend how people feel about Superman. Don’t know if it’ll be able to get to the billion plus that IM3 has achieved but it’ll likely come in 2nd. Full Story

Weekend Stags

June 3, 2013 16:32:48 Posted at June 3, 2013 16:32:48
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Splash, PUNKD Images

Prince William and Hot Harry were at a stag the other night for their friend, yet another friend with a stick-up-his-ass name: Thomas Van Straubenzee. Every letter drips money and stolen diamonds. Here’s a great graphic of the princes’ fancy friends, if you’re curious. Full Story

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Katie’s hot make-out

June 3, 2013 15:53:15 Posted at June 3, 2013 15:53:15
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As hot as it can be when there’s an entire crew shooting it. Still, considering the rumours that are intensifying around Katie’s relationship with her Mania Days co-star Luke Kirby, it’s worth creeping on these shots, even if the Photo Assumption is heavily skewed towards the obvious. Full Story

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Brange or GOT?

June 3, 2013 15:35:54 Posted at June 3, 2013 15:35:54
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Wenn, Dave J Hogan/ LEON NEAL/ Getty

Like I kept saying last week, when Brange is around, there is no one else. But Kanye West and Kanye West decided to have their baby shower. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Please. I had a friend who was covering the World War Z carpet last night in London for the Jolie’s first appearance since the double mastectomy. Full Story

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King’s Landing’s Night Off

June 3, 2013 13:45:17 Posted at June 3, 2013 13:45:17
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Game Of Thrones Season 3 Episode 9 recap This is the title that won; I ran several past my husband because he thought my original title seemed callous. I don’t want to be callous. I  am writing this moments after the end of the episode and yes, of course I have my heart in my mouth. Full Story

Why is Michael Fassbender yelling at the blonde?

June 3, 2013 13:29:40 Posted at June 3, 2013 13:29:40
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Here’s Michael Fassbender in Montreal over the weekend where he’s been shooting X-Men: Days Of Future Past. He was out with a blonde woman the other day. According to the photographer, as soon as he realised he was being shot, he “screamed” at her to stay away. So which method of evasion do you prefer? Leonardo DiCaprio’s running and dumpster diving? Or Michael Fassbender’s more verbal approach? Last week, Fassbender was photographed out for dinner with Bradley Cooper in London. Full Story

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June 3, 2013 -- Smutty Shout-Outs

June 3, 2013 13:17:08 Posted at June 3, 2013 13:17:08
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Colleen! Happy Birthday with lots of love from GossipCon! We're so excited you are tearing yourself away from sweet Ione to party with us at SMUT. Only 3 more weeks...!  Full Story

Friday, May 31, 2013

Dear Gossips,

Prince Harry put on a tuxedo last night for The Walking Wounded Crystal Ball. Do you find his jacket a liiiiiitttle bit too long? I mean, it could be more tailored, non? Are you about to tell me that that’s a royal thing too? That they don’t keep up with tuxedo trends? But you know who can wear a tuxedo? Zachary Quinto in Cannes.  Read Full Intro

The Rains are extra long?

May 31, 2013 19:42:50 Posted at May 31, 2013 19:42:50
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Game Of Thrones took Memorial Day weekend off and was replaced by Behind The Candelabra, temporarily. I’m OK with that. And I’m OK with an extended penultimate episode for The Rains Of Castamere. At least that’s what I think I read somewhere (which I can’t find right now so if I’m wrong I’m sorry). Full Story

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