LiLo & the Mighty O

August 19, 2013 14:03:51 Posted at August 19, 2013 14:03:51
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Well, the language was there. Lindsay Lohan knows how to say the right things. And when she can’t find the right words, Oprah helped her. It was as you’d expect from Oprah – a pressing first question, and very little follow-up. Like the part when she asked Lohan what she learned about herself… and then just dropped it when the question was deflected. Full Story

Build a daily care and cleansing routine with Bioré®

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Family Matters

August 19, 2013 13:43:50 Posted at August 19, 2013 13:43:50
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Breaking Bad Season 3 Episode 10 recap Last week I said this episode would be called The Box, but it's actually called Buried. But who on Breaking Bad has ever been a hole in the desert? People aren't buried, they are liquefied into nothing. Secrets can be buried though, although none of them very deep. Full Story

Liam Hemsworth’s double loss

August 19, 2013 13:32:44 Posted at August 19, 2013 13:32:44
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As mentioned in today’s open, Liam Hemsworth’s Paranoia took a dump at the box office this weekend, opening in 13th place. And now he has to live down being friends with Kellan Lutz. E! News reported on Friday, just as his movie hit theatres, that Hemsworth was hanging out with Lutz at a club last week. Full Story

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Oh Rob, you’re so man

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FameFlynet, wowcelebritytv/ Splash

Robert Pattinson’s apparently hanging out with Mischa Barton now. Click here for a refresher. E! News reports that Barton is now among a group of regulars at Pattinson’s place. Thanks for letting us know, Mischa Barton. It doesn’t look good on him, does it? But the day after everyone found out that he’d downgraded, way, way, way downgraded, from Kristen Stewart to Mischa Barton, Pattinson showed up for a hospital visit. Full Story

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Slum Bear can’t keep a secret

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It’s been widely speculated that Jennifer Lopez is returning to American Idol even though FOX has yet to officially confirm the news. Networks normally like to do this on their own terms, maximising the coverage. Sure. But that only works if the star isn’t dating a famewhore backup dancer. Full Story

August 19, 2013 – Smutty Shout-Outs

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Sarah! Happy 30th Birthday with love from your “humble husband” who adores you for your hard work as a mother of twins AND a (future) PhD. David asked me to share something about Patrick Wilson. It so happens I interviewed him a few weeks ago for The Conjuring. He’s lovely. He’s kind. Full Story

Friday, August 16, 2013

Dear Gossips,

"It turns out she wasn't fussy. She (just) wasn't the right species." I LOVE this quote. It's so...applicable. To more than just the new mammal. Have you heard about this? I am obsessed with the new mammal, the olinguito.  Read Full Intro

Smutty Tingles

August 16, 2013 20:36:31 Posted at August 16, 2013 20:36:31
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Sasha finds denim dresses and Selena Gomez's vest in Lifestyle

I don't see what the problem is. Look at his face. That's as good as a lion, if not better (Dlisted)

On Lily Collins, yes. On Hilary Duff, never (FishWrapper)

Pamela Anderson's gifts work under water too (The Superficial)

Bradley Cooper's a good choice, non? (Just Jared)  

Kristen Stewart in boyfriend jeans (Hollywood Tuna)

Matt Bomer and a cute dog is lens exploding (Pop Sugar)

As IF Amber Heard is the next Jolie (Cele|bitchy

Harry Styles kisses James Corden and I love him even more (Towleroad)

Denzel, Love & Hip Hop (Reality Tea)

Great leather jacket on Amanda Seyfried (Go Fug Yourself)

MKO, stepmother

August 16, 2013 19:29:29 Posted at August 16, 2013 19:29:29
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Mary-Kate Olsen was photographed out in New York with Olivier Sarkozy's daughter. It's serious between MK and Sarkozy now. Could you say she's the Stepmother? It's like a Stepmother/Stepdaughter outing here, isn't it? They went for lunch. They went shopping. MK even has a stepmothery expression on her face. Full Story

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Angie and her pre-teen

August 16, 2013 17:51:37 Posted at August 16, 2013 17:51:37
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Angelina Jolie arrived at LAX with son Maddox yesterday. Maddox just turned 12. Look at him. I am tripping. He is fully pre-teen. Fully, fully pre-teen. Pre-teen with pre-teen style. Pre-teen with pre-teen attitude? Come on. They all have attitude. This kid in the leather jacket? He’s gonna have some attitude. Full Story

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