Johnny Depp on drinking, smoking, Vanessa, and underwear

June 18, 2013 19:28:40 Posted at June 18, 2013 19:28:40
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Robert Downey Jr gave an amazing interview to Esquire to promote Iron Man 3 and in my coverage of that piece -- click here for a refresher -- I wrote that the best interviews should not be excerpted but, rather, read in its pure form. In doing so, you respect the writer’s work and you respect the subject’s candour, digesting the information the way it was intended to be presented, in the spirit that the information was provided. Full Story

Smutty Tingles

June 18, 2013 18:51:02 Posted at June 18, 2013 18:51:02
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Why is Amanda Bynes’s wig game so sh-t? (The Superficial)

As IF of the day: Kanye West reinvents Christian Bale (Dlisted)

Beyonce looks amazing in this white dress (Too Fab)

Leo dancing GIFs (Pop Sugar)

The future of Loki...? (Cele|bitchy)

Andrew Garfield will be Spider-Man for a long, long, LONG time. And very, very, VERY wealthy (Just Jared)

Goddamn Sofia Vergara’s ass (Hollywood Tuna)

Ben Affleck on more kids (Amy Grindhouse)

Mocktress Mom wears cute outfit, which is kind of her job now (Popoholic)

This...except for the lace hem on that skirt (Go Fug Yourself)

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Creative Control

June 18, 2013 17:13:50 Posted at June 18, 2013 17:13:50
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Let’s be honest. When a story about Jennifer Love Hewitt lands in your inbox,  you can pretty much assume it’s going to be a fun treat to roll your eyes, talk about the ridiculousness of a grown woman who still calls herself “Love”, and remember the time she exposed her breasts on Ellen recently. Full Story

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Bike Boy & Skater Girl

June 18, 2013 16:50:13 Posted at June 18, 2013 16:50:13
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Jose Perez/ Splash

First reaction seeing these shots of Taylor Lautner on set today in New York: I thought they already made this movie...? It was the one with Lily Collins. Didn’t see it but the trailer showed him on the run all the time and super intense about his identity -- one of the reasons I call him Tom Cruise Jr. Full Story

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Sandy’s black press tour

June 18, 2013 16:27:32 Posted at June 18, 2013 16:27:32
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Wenn, FameFlynet, Karadshow/ Splash

Sandra Bullock is currently promoting The Heat in Europe. She wore black at the London premiere last week -- click here for a refresher -- and she wore black again at the photo call today in Berlin. This is a good look. I love a well tailored classic shirt and that leather skirt is a good length. Full Story

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Axl Brad Val

June 18, 2013 15:39:22 Posted at June 18, 2013 15:39:22
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Wenn, FameFlynet, Splash’s time to the cut the hair. Here’s Brad Pitt last night at the NY premiere of World War Z. We were talking yesterday about Brad Pitt’s Carb Face Hustle and whether or not it’s filler, which is what I think. Full Story

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vitaminwater: create your flavour, go to Sochi!

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Katy Perry: Love in VOGUE

June 18, 2013 14:52:09 Posted at June 18, 2013 14:52:09
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Katy Perry covers the new issue of VOGUE, her very first time. It’s high fashion on a farm. I ...don’t love the styling. Mostly because it’s kind of the same styling we expect of Katy Perry. Bold dramatic lips, bright dramatic colours. What would a stripped down Katy Perry look like? Is that possible? Or is it by design? I don’t see Katy Perry the way I see Lady Gaga who must adhere so strictly to that image she’s created -- part freak, part monster, always provocative. Full Story

June 18, 2013 -- Smutty Shout-Outs

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To Andrew, the Canadian living in Chicago, from Sofia, a fellow Canadian transfer --  Happy Belated Birthday! Joelle -- Happy Birthday from Melanie who so admires the way you’ve handled your “roller coaster year” and your recent life altering decision! And for Kate from Jenn -- it sounds like you’ve already had a wonderful head start to a new, amazing year. Full Story

Monday, June 17, 2013

Dear Gossips,

We had stomach issues at our place this weekend. The result? Books and television. Tell you about the books later this week when I finish reading. As for the television -- Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle was on Saturday.  Read Full Intro

Smutty Tingles

June 17, 2013 21:19:20 Posted at June 17, 2013 21:19:20
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This is the funniest sh-t you will read all day. And when you get the part about Ryan Lochte, I promise you will fall over (Dlisted)

Porny, the pregnant bridesmaid (Too Fab)

Look at these photos. Then admire Roberto Cavilli’s girlfriend’s gag reflex (The Superficial)

Can you imagine Hugh Jackman walking around telling people to “get f-cked”? (Just Jared)

Christie Brinkley at 59 (Hollywood Tuna)

I really don’t like looking at photos of Tom Cruise with his shirt off (Pop Sugar)

Oh Jonathan Rhys Meyers. I worry about you. And your eyes. (Cele|bitchy)

Tom Cruise and Jeremy Renner have dinner (Socialite Life)

Does Selena Gomez have a new boyfriend? (Celeb Dirty Laundry)

Heidi Klum: big stripes and little stripes (I'm Not Obsessed)