The Princess and the Golfer

March 11, 2013 20:47:15 Posted at March 11, 2013 20:47:15
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Bauer, FameFlynet

We don't call him King Wayne here in Canada but we do call him The Great One, which is almost the same. Wayne Gretzky in Canada is about as royal as it gets. And now his daughter has become something of a Hollywood socialite with her very own fame aspirations, complete with provocative picture scandal and now, an athlete boyfriend -- PGA Tour golfer Dustin Johnson. Full Story

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Smutty Tingles

March 11, 2013 19:36:14 Posted at March 11, 2013 19:36:14
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Joseph Gordon-Levitt juiced. Would you? (Dlisted)

Mimi is proud of Harry Styles (Too Fab)

Becoming Nikki Minaj starring Amanda Bynes (The Superficial)

Shia’s girlfriend makes Kristen Stewart seems positively giddy (Just Jared)

Are we still putting messages on our asses? (Hollywood Tuna)

How you know Emma Stone is in costume. Because this is not how she dresses. (Pop Sugar)

Judgy moms are now judging Nick Cannon (Cele|bitchy)

These stripes on Olivia Wilde are slightly too thick (Socialite Life)

Porny is fighting her own genes (Celeb Dirty Laundry)

Reese Witherspoon’s pretty scarf (I'm Not Obsessed)

H7 the fangirl

March 11, 2013 18:50:59 Posted at March 11, 2013 18:50:59
Lainey Posted by Lainey

H7 was in Paris with the entire family, including grandparents and aunts, on the weekend watching her dad. She has a lot of expressions now, ranging from sleepy to intense to playful to not happy at all, as there's a shot of her here where she looks like she's about to go full hissy. My favourite is the one of her being held by Cruz. Full Story

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Selena & her girls vs Justin Bieber

March 11, 2013 18:19:38 Posted at March 11, 2013 18:19:38
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Wenn, FameFlynet

Oh that’s what they’re saying. That Selena Gomez and her friends are calling Justin Bieber a douchebag in their new dance video for Everybody Knows (your boyfriend is a douchebag). It’s very possible. Because as I’ve said before, for this generation, every move means something -- on YouTube, on Twitter, on Instagram, on Facebook. Full Story

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All The Ways To Feel Bad

March 11, 2013 17:52:41 Posted at March 11, 2013 17:52:41
Duana Posted by Duana

Girls Season 2 Episode 9 recap I should point out, before I get distracted with all the other things in this episode, that I am really enjoying some of the songs this season. Twitter linked to an interview with Michael Penn about some of the work he’s done for the show, and I have to say that from “One Man’s Trash” up to now, it’s been a steady stream of musical enjoyment. Full Story

Brad Pitt...Carb Face?

March 11, 2013 17:03:19 Posted at March 11, 2013 17:03:19
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Wenn, Bauer, FameFlynet

Brad Pitt was in France for a quick couple of days on an art trip. I appreciate how economical he was with his wardrobe -- just a long coat and black jeans, alternating between a t-shirt and hoodie and a black shirt. See attached below of Brad with his art folder tucked under arm in Paris, and then arriving back in LA yesterday. Full Story

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Weekends with the kids

March 11, 2013 16:43:45 Posted at March 11, 2013 16:43:45
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck took the kids arts and crafts shopping on Saturday, 8 days since his last papped outing with the children, during which he held a boot up to the camera and claimed it was for demonstration purposes only. He was spoken to at home, no doubt. Full Story

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Blake & Ryan’s first carpet... sort of

March 11, 2013 16:12:09 Posted at March 11, 2013 16:12:09
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Wenn, Janet Mayer/ Splash

A husband arrives at an event. He is photographed with an attractive blonde who is not his wife. This is OK. Because the attractive blonde is his colleague. And the wife poses alone. Only in Hollywood is this normal. You’ll note, Reynolds was also happy to take pictures with Robyn Lively, Blake’s sister. Full Story

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Star Trek 2 stars people other than Benedict Cumberbatch

March 11, 2013 15:51:08 Posted at March 11, 2013 15:51:08
Sarah Posted by Sarah

With two months until its premiere, Star Trek Into Darkness (which still sounds like a terrible Euro-synth pop song) is also ramping up its press machine. To date, everything has been about the mystery of Benedict Cumberbatch’s villain, but now it’s time to remind us that other people star in this movie, too. Full Story

Ryan wears shades, Eva’s in spots

March 11, 2013 15:26:58 Posted at March 11, 2013 15:26:58
Lainey Posted by Lainey
FameFlynet, Splash

Ryan Gosling and girlfriend Eva Mendes were in New York for the weekend to promote The Place Beyond The Pines. He wore shades. She was in a red spotted dress. They left the hotel separately for the press conference. This does not mean you should start doing gymnastics with your imagination about them breaking up. Full Story

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SEED yourself with a trip to LA -- tonight at 8:30 on CityTV!

March 11, 2013 14:39:13 Posted at March 11, 2013 14:39:13
Lainey Posted by Lainey