Smutty Tingles

September 28, 2012 19:30:05 Posted at September 28, 2012 19:30:05
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Sasha’s hard for fall burgundy and dragon potion to keep you young in LifeStyle

LeAnn Rimes went to rehab for being a famewhore and hit up a red carpet right after they let her out (Dlisted)

Ke$ha doesn’t suck because she f-cked a ghost. Ke$ha sucks she called it “sexy time”. (The Superficial)

Hair-off! Rihanna or Anne Hathaway? (Just Jared)

Yes, yes, yes. More of this on Nina Dobrev. (Hollywood Tuna)

Natalie Portman really does look good as a blonde (Pop Sugar)

Hollywood Real Estate Porn: look at Hilary Swank’s house and monogrammed chair (Too Fab)

Tom Cruise is doubting Xenu? I don’t believe... (Cele|bitchy)

This doesn’t look like Brooke Shields to me (IDLYITW)

Taylor Swift wants to have babies with her 18 YEAR OLD BOYFRIEND...?!? (Celebedge)

What’s wrong with me? I think these pictures are really sweet. (Pink Is The New Blog)

No Mrs Reynolds in the front row

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Steffman/ Turgeon/ Splash

Blake Lively was too busy getting married to be at New York Fashion Week. And though she reps Gucci now she didn’t show up for the Gucci show in Milan either. She used to however be front row for a fee. The Hollywood Reporter published an article yesterday about celebrity presence at the runway presentations and how much they’re being paid. Full Story

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KStew & Pippa

September 28, 2012 16:54:12 Posted at September 28, 2012 16:54:12
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Bauer, FameFlynet, Splash

WHAT? Kristen Stewart is now the UK’s “most searched celebrity style icon”. Fine. But who did she replace? Pippa Middleton. STYLE ICON??? Here’s Pippa today in London and it’s fine, I guess, until the way too obvious green bag. Jacek said to me today, “How much older than Kate Middleton is Pippa?” She’s YOUNGER, I shouted. Full Story

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Minnie & The Scenemakers

September 28, 2012 16:18:41 Posted at September 28, 2012 16:18:41
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Every day I scan the photo agencies, see if there are any interesting shots from the night before. Last night there was a party happening at Chateau Marmont called “Express and Vogue Celebrate The Scenemakers”. Which, naturally, means that no one there was actually a scenemaker. There were some Twilight people. Full Story

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Passing Elementary

September 28, 2012 15:49:43 Posted at September 28, 2012 15:49:43
Sarah Posted by Sarah

Last night was the premiere of the CBS version of Sherlock, titled Elementary since the Sherlock producers declined to sell Americans the rights to their show. Starring Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes and Lucy Liu as Joan Watson, it’s been the brunt of a lot of “why bother, the BBC show is so good and this is just a cheap knock-off” criticism, and I’ve been part of that. Full Story

GLAD’s “A Trashy Affair”

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Winnie - an exclusive clip

September 28, 2012 15:21:41 Posted at September 28, 2012 15:21:41
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Winnie opens in Canada on October 5. Here’s an exclusive clip from the film. There are people who think that scenes like these don’t happen anymore, that we have put all that behind us, that we’ve evolved, that it’s too uncomfortable to talk about, let’s think happy thoughts instead. Full Story

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dear Gossips,

It’s Gwyneth Paltrow’s birthday today. It’s also Avril Lavigne’s birthday. And I used to wave this away as another example of the unreliability of western astrology but I’ve just realised that they’re 12 years apart, which means they’re also both born in the Year of the Rat.  Read Full Intro

Cam & Tom?

September 27, 2012 21:40:37 Posted at September 27, 2012 21:40:37
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WHAT? A ridiculous story appeared in the UK’s Grazia about Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise. Something about him wanting to be “more than friends”. Jesus. Actually, I could totally picture him saying that to a girl. “Do you want to be more than friends?” Gross. Anyway, Cam and Tom have known each other a while and they’re both in London filming (separately). Full Story

GOOP 40 with Nicole Richie

September 27, 2012 19:47:56 Posted at September 27, 2012 19:47:56
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Danny Martindale/Getty

Today is Gwyneth Paltrow’s 40th birthday. GOOP is marking the occasion appropriately -- with a newsletter dedicated to shopping! Specifically, though, shopping at Hirshleifers in New York which has now launched online. Obviously not Forever 21 prices. Click here Full Story