Friday, August 3, 2012

Dear Gossips,

Today’s Olympic faces? Kayla Harrison who overcame personal horror to win gold at the Games yesterday and Gabrielle Douglas, the first black individual all-around gymnastics Olympic champion. Track starts today.  Read Full Intro

Smutty Tingles

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Lainey’s in LA for a junket so I’m finishing off the week with what our friends are writing about.  Have a great weekend.  - Jacek 

NPH’s toddler wearing the sh-t out of a lifejacket (Dlisted)

Hobo Jesus Wolverine! (The Superficial)

Jessica Alba gives props to the president (Just Jared)

Is it wrong to say that Miley Cyrus is starting to look … hot? (Hollywood Tuna)

Lochte on his mom’s misquote.  Did someone have to explain to him what it meant first? (Too Fab)

Tom Brady’s 35 sexiest pictures.  Here’s betting you click on this link… (Pop Sugar)

Bieber on Prince William’s thinning hair.  He’s really becoming the quote machine, no? (Cele|bitchy)

Most embarrassing celebrity cheating scandals (Celebedge)

What you’d wear to a Star Trek Tennis Gala courtesy Candace Cameron (Go Fug Yourself)

An update on the New Jersey mom who definitely did NOT have a tanning problem (Evil Beet Gossip)

Bear is being watched

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An interesting article appeared on today titled: Jennifer Lopez Becoming Short-Tempered Around Casper Smart Whaaaat???? But they're not even married yet. Everyone knows she doesn't actually open her eyes and stop thinking with her dumb heart until she marries them and gives away too much of her money. Full Story

Eva and Ryan's dog

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Eva Mendes was photographed walking Ryan Gosling's dog yesterday. It's fully a co-habitation situation at this point, non? As previously reported, Eva and Ryan are expected at TIFF for the world premiere of The Place Beyond The Pines - their first carpet. And he's from Toronto (ish) so it's safe to assume he'd have his ma and his sister there. Full Story

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Smell good, open your mouth

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Blake Lively’s Gucci ad - have you seen it yet? Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn (Bronson, Drive) the piece is beautifully shot...and makes Gwyneth Paltrow’s budget-ass-sh-t Hugo Boss videos look embarrassingly amateur - click here Full Story

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Jessica Biel’s Total New York Recall

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Wenn, PPNY/GSNY/Splash

Of the three names in the movie, Jessica Biel was the only one who showed last night at the New York premiere of Total Recall. Strange. Especially Colin Farrell’s absence. He’s the main dude. So it was on Shelfy then to carry the NYC load. Here she is in white lace with something terribly unfortunate around her arms last night at the screening and a business office dress for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and then this morning, as usual much better when she’s casual, in all orange with a pair of really cute oxfords. Full Story

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Hot Harry’s busy Olympics and the Cambridges in love

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Quinn Rooney/Pascal Le Segretain/WPA Pool/Getty

There was a LOT of squee yesterday over those shots of Prince William and his Catherine hugging each other excitedly at the velodrome. More on that in a minute. The three of them, Will, Kate, and Harry too, they’ve been busy through the Games, out almost every day. Harry was particularly active on Thursday stopping in at Canada House, hosting a reception for School Games athletes (where he had to wear the dreaded dinner jacket), and of course, with his brother and sister-in-law cheering on Team GB and Sir Chris Hoy. Full Story

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Jen’s distracting nipples

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It’s a tool we all use and often to divert attention away from something we might be insecure about. You accentuate a small waist to balance out a fuller bottom. Or you highlight your long legs to balance out a heavier top. Check out Jennifer Aniston on the set of We Are The Millers yesterday in North Carolina. Full Story

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August 3, 2012 - Smutty Shout-Outs

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To Geoff Harris competing in the 800m on Monday at his first Olympic Games - good luck from Lauren and everyone at home in Halifax! Click here to read more about Geoff. Kim! Happy Birthday! Wish you could have come last night with Haley. Full Story

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dear Gossips,

Olympic face of the day? How could it be anyone other than Marcel Nguyen oh my God so pretty. Or have you never seen him before now because you live in America? I’ve not been watching NBC’s coverage but they’re being hit hard with criticism not only over their tape delay broadcasts but also for some sketchy editing decisions when they do finally show the events several hours later in prime time.  Read Full Intro

Smutty Tingles

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Sasha finds polka dots and body lotion in LifeStyle

I think Lindsay Lohan looks more like Brett Michaels (Dlisted)

Walt White lost it to a Dutch hooker? (The Superficial)

Sofia Vergara’s son tells the proposal story (Too Fab)

Jessica Simpson really does have a great weave (Pop Sugar)

Only dickheads get reality tv shows (Cele|bitchy)

Beyonce...the autobiography (Just Jared)

Holy. Sh-t. Bar’s body. (Hollywood Tuna)

Miley’s personal photos for Liam? (Pink Is The New Blog)

Natalie Portman making a white tee look amazing (Popoholic)

Blair Waldorf wears Birkenstocks? (Go Fug Yourself)