July 30, 2012 - Smutty Shout-Outs

July 30, 2012 13:05:16 Posted at July 30, 2012 13:05:16
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Becky!!! How is London? How are the Games? Did you love the Opening Ceremony? God I am jealous. Love the photos. Keep sending. I may not be able to post them but since I’m living vicariously through you, I need to see. Also, when it’s all over, hit up Ffiona’s Full Story

Friday, July 27, 2012

Dear Gossips,

Exactly four weeks ago today, Katie Holmes announced she was leaving Tom Cruise. That preoccupied us all until this Wednesday when Kristen Stewart was caught, on camera, making out with Rupert Sanders, exploding the Twilight universe.  Read Full Intro

Olympic Countdown!

July 27, 2012 19:54:04 Posted at July 27, 2012 19:54:04
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WPA Pool/Getty

Very, very soon...you ready? The London Games Opening Ceremony is happening in a few minutes and the Queen is supposed to be present. But first she had to host a party at her house. Here’s Her Majesty at a reception for Heads of State and Government this afternoon, including Michelle Obama. Full Story

Smutty Tingles

July 27, 2012 18:56:24 Posted at July 27, 2012 18:56:24
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Madonna f-cks over the French (Dlisted)

So many people have emailed me wanting her to be Robert Pattinson’s next girlfriend. Really? (The Superficial)

James Franco is obviously more skilled than Christopher Nolan now (Too Fab)

Diane Kruger has really bad hair here (Just Jared)

Another good outfit from Olivia Munn (Hollywood Tuna)

Gwen in red on Friday morning (Pop Sugar)

Bruce Willis, frankly, is right. And sounds like Tiger Mom. (Cele|bitchy)

Lady Gaga gets more acting work than Lindsay Lohan (Towleroad)

Gross plastic surgery and two really weird super twins (Go Fug Yourself)

Reading the future of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson (Celebedge)

Mila gets dinner

July 27, 2012 17:47:13 Posted at July 27, 2012 17:47:13
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Oh look it’s Ashton Kutcher who cheated on his wife with hot tub girls and received job offer after job offer following the incident. Ashton took Mila Kunis out for dinner last night. Well, when it comes to Ashton Kutcher, if there’s dinner involved, you know it must be serious. And you know she must be into it for more. Full Story

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More Becks & H7 on Opening Ceremony day

July 27, 2012 16:18:00 Posted at July 27, 2012 16:18:00
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Yesterday pictures of David Beckham and H7 went over really. So I’m attaching more. Because I am desperate for your love. Anyway, as you know, Becks will have a part to play tonight at the Opening Ceremony in London. He can’t say what exactly he’ll be doing but did reveal that it was “unexpected” and that he considers it “an honour”. Full Story

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Hobbit hijacking

July 27, 2012 16:10:42 Posted at July 27, 2012 16:10:42
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With the summer superheroes out of the way, the next of the “most anticipated movies of 2012” is queued up and ready to go—Peter Jackson’s return to Middle Earth, The Hobbit. The film, subtitled An Unexpected Journey, is due in theaters in December. Part two, There and Back Again, is set for next December. Full Story

Justin around her neck

July 27, 2012 15:21:27 Posted at July 27, 2012 15:21:27
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This is Jessica Biel out in West Hollywood yesterday wearing a “Justin” necklace. This of course is nowhere near as sweet and romantic as Slum Lover giving Jennifer Lopez a bear necklace for her birthday to go with her bear birthday cake. What else? A “bear2bear” tattoo? The crazy thing is. Full Story

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GOOP’s turkish-t

July 27, 2012 14:54:17 Posted at July 27, 2012 14:54:17
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Every week for the last few, Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP has introduced a limited edition collaboration. Jeans, t-shirts, trays...and now towels. Turkish towels. They’re beautiful. Expensive, of course, and beautiful. But check out the way it’s being presented. I’ve attached the graphic. Full Story

July 27, 2012 - Smutty Shout-Outs

July 27, 2012 14:35:38 Posted at July 27, 2012 14:35:38
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Sally! Happy Birthday from Ellen who asked for me to “toss in Mark Ruffalo”. It would be my pleasure. And for Christina aka Rico Suave from Laura who is so proud of you for your courage and how you have been handling everything. She’s wanted you to have some Iker and Sara as a reward. Full Story