August 21, 2012 - Smutty Shout-Outs

August 21, 2012 14:21:33 Posted at August 21, 2012 14:21:33
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Ailsa! Happy Birthday with love from Kirsty! Congratulations on making it through the year and fighting that bitch down. I’m thrilled to hear you are fully recovered and ... engaged to a person who supported you during your ordeal. Best to you and Mike and your family for a wonderful and healthy year ahead. Full Story

Monday, August 20, 2012

Dear Gossips,

Despite repeat claims by local French media, there was no Brange wedding at Miraval this weekend. They’re now blaming their sh-t reporting on the work of a “prankster”. Of course. There was also a rumour about Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake and a secret wedding in Wyoming.  Read Full Intro

Matilda went to camp

August 20, 2012 22:38:43 Posted at August 20, 2012 22:38:43
Lainey Posted by Lainey

So Michelle Williams and Jason Segel had a free day. They went out for lunch with some friends. I love this. All of this: - That Matilda’s at camp, playing and having fun (even though it might be with gross rich LA kid friends). - That shirt-dress Michelle is wearing that is probably really expensive for something that isn’t super flattering. Full Story

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Natural GOOP’s party for Jake

August 20, 2012 22:23:07 Posted at August 20, 2012 22:23:07
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Paul Zimmerman / Getty Images

Co-hosted with the Seinfelds, Jessica and Jerry, in the Hamptons, of course. Where else? It’s August. That’s where you find the right people in August, didn’t you know? You can see evidence of a proper Hamptons summer all over G’s face. I worry about her skin though. I hope her SPF is strong enough. Full Story

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Mimi & Minaj!

August 20, 2012 20:30:32 Posted at August 20, 2012 20:30:32
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Just in case you weren’t sure, although I can’t imagine why, when Mariah Carey’s American Idol debuts in January, it’s getting a lot of play here on this blog. We might even liveblog. I look forward to it more than I’m looking forward to Christmas, no lies. And now, perhaps even more. Full Story

Smutty Tingles

August 20, 2012 19:18:12 Posted at August 20, 2012 19:18:12
Lainey Posted by Lainey

The royal dogs are meangirls too! (Dlisted)

Do you think Lady Gaga looks like that Lana Del Rey girl as a brunette? (Too Fab)

Does this mean Lindsay Lohan DIDN’T get her tits done? (The Superficial)

Um, James Franco’s thighs from the side (Just Jared)

Kate Upton in gym clothes (Hollywood Tuna)

Drew Barrymore’s pregnancy pattern (Pop Sugar)

Tom Cruise totally has Paranorman hair (Cele|bitchy)

Demi Moore...adopting??? (Celebedge)

Is Kanye taking these pictures??? Is this what he’s become? (Drunken Stepfather site NSFW)

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson bail on final Twi-Con (I'm Not Obsessed)

Slum Love’s red carpet protocol

August 20, 2012 18:43:24 Posted at August 20, 2012 18:43:24
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Wenn, Fame/Flynet

I am obsessed with these pictures... So here’s JLo Bear in Vegas for the weekend also at Wet Republic where Prince Harry was partying. They rolled out a blue carpet for her to walk on at the step and repeat. You see how this works? She sends her slum lover Casper Bear down first. He sulkily walks by himself down to the end where he’s obviously instructed to stand there, like a proper second class citizen, to wait for her while she allows the cameras to make love to her. Full Story

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Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 6: I’m in the Empire Business

August 20, 2012 18:34:23 Posted at August 20, 2012 18:34:23
Maria Posted by Maria

There is no doubt the boy shot at the end of last episode is dead: Mike, Walt and Todd disassemble the bike and place the parts in a tub. No Jesse. They work quickly and wordlessly. Mike looks tired; Walt uses acid to dissolve the bike. Todd digs through a pile of dirt and a little hand pokes through as Walt wearily prepares a new tub for disintegration. Full Story

Katie v Posh

August 20, 2012 17:55:09 Posted at August 20, 2012 17:55:09
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Santi/Splash News

The organisers at New York Fashion Week must be meangirls. Well, of course they are. Katie Holmes’s first NYFW presentation for Holmes & Yang will take place on the same day that Victoria Beckham shows her latest collection. Well that’s convenient. At least now they’ll have a workable excuse as to why they can’t go support each other. Full Story

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Engagement Ring Hunting

August 20, 2012 16:32:54 Posted at August 20, 2012 16:32:54
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Fame/Flynet, Splash

Everyone wants a look at Jennifer Aniston’s engagement ring. She was out the other day in North Carolina in her favourite summer uniform - wedges and fitted knee shorts circa The Break-Up with Vince Vaughn - with her hand in her pocket as if to hide the stone. I’m more interested in her bag. Full Story

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