RDJ makes Gwyneth laugh

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 17, 2013 16:23:01 April 17, 2013 16:23:01
GF/ bauergriffinonline.com, Mike Marsland /Getty Images, KCS Presse /Splash News

I don’t know what he’s doing to make her dip her head and cover her face but it’s become standard now, whenever they’re having their pictures taken together, for him to do something to make her laugh. He’s the silly to her sophisticated. Just like Tony and Pepper! God I love the Tony/Pepper dynamic. Full Story

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Are you ready for Superman?

Sarah Posted by Sarah at April 17, 2013 15:53:55 April 17, 2013 15:53:55

Because he’s going to be very, very big. After the first trailer for Man of Steel came out in December, I expressed doubts—about Zack Snyder as a director, about Superman as a compelling character, about the overall tone being too similar to The Dark Knight trilogy (Christopher Nolan produced and developed the story for Steel), about the sadness of Superman’s beard. Full Story

Victoria Beckham: Birthday at Home

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 17, 2013 15:04:37 April 17, 2013 15:04:37
WENN, Keystone

H7 left Los Angeles yesterday for London with her siblings and her mother, who is celebrating her 39th birthday today. I love the shot of her with her hand on Brooklyn’s neck. They seem close and he has always seemed devoted to her and now seems less a child who needs to be minded than one of the adults who helps with the minding. Full Story

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Julie Taylor, is that you?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 17, 2013 14:41:25 April 17, 2013 14:41:25
Jason Merrit/Getty Images, Brian To /WENN

I saw the name, but I thought it was mislabelled. I thought it was Leighton Meester. Or someone else... but I can’t quite place the name. Anyway, it wasn’t mislabelled. That is indeed Julie Taylor/Aimee Teegarden and it is tripping me out. They grow up so fast! Aimee was at the premiere of Call Me Crazy last night. Full Story

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Jen cups like GOOP and there is no Friends

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 17, 2013 13:42:56 April 17, 2013 13:42:56
Brian To /WENN, Getty Images, Splash News

Jennifer Aniston last night at the Lifetime Call Me Crazy premiere. She wore shorts. And a strapless Dior tuxedo bustier that’s either too big, or not cut very well. This is not flattering. And, God, if you’re wearing it up, have the balls to wear it ALL UP. This is so wedding hair to me I can’t stand it. Full Story

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April 17, 2013 -- Smutty Shout-Outs

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 17, 2013 13:28:30 April 17, 2013 13:28:30

For Jaclyn -- Yes you can get a picture of Kevin Richardson posted today. Yes we plan the shout-outs well in advance. And yes it’s 20 years this week, isn’t it? Happy Birthday and Happy 20th Backstreet!   Full Story

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dear Gossips,

Do you believe that Mimi dries her own hair? Check out what she posted on her Twitter the other day with this caption, and it’s one of her favourites:

“Beauty school dropout” lol :)

If you’re familiar with Mimi and her -isms, you’ll know that being chaste and completing 500 hours of beauty school training are her self-facts she repeats compulsively. I wonder if from now on, Mimi will choose to be photographed exclusively on smartphones. The low resolution makes her look super young. You see how good she is about showing off the best arm angles possible?

Heads up Halifax, Montreal, and London, ON! Enrollment in the Faculty of Celebrity Studies is now open.

Wednesday, April 24 – Halifax
Thursday, April 25 – Montreal
Monday, April 29 – London, ON

To register, please email [email protected] with the NAME OF YOUR CITY as the title by noon tomorrow, Wednesday, April 17. We will let you know by end of day Thursday if you’re in. Spots are limited as class size is small. See you next week! #rumorestimmortalis

Yours in gossip,


Remembering Lilly Kane

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 16, 2013 20:46:14 April 16, 2013 20:46:14

Amanda Seyfried covers the new issue of Allure and most of the headlines are about her breasts because she talks about how they’re not as big as they used to be: She once referred to her breasts in an interview as "sacks of fat," a description that she now reconsiders. Full Story

Career Prospectus: Aaron Eckhart

Sarah Posted by Sarah at April 16, 2013 20:34:22 April 16, 2013 20:34:22
Getty Images

Hi Lainey, If Sarah can find the time I'd be really interested to hear her thoughts on Alan Eckhart's career. He's built like a leading man, but aside from "Thank You For Smoking" he seems to always be the side character. I always enjoy his performances (and I'll even forgive him "Possession" in which Neil LaBute ruined my favorite book by making Roland an American, a tall, hot, blond American when Roland should never be any of those things-that movies totally needs a do-over when Daniel Radcliffe is pushing 30). Full Story

Gwyneth: A Distraction

Dean Posted by Dean at April 16, 2013 20:22:39 April 16, 2013 20:22:39
Splash, FameFlynet

What’s Gwyneth Paltrow up to? Being real chic, obviously. Below are pictures of Gwyneth, Apple and Moses boarding a train from London to Paris (and also previously unposted pics of them when they arrived in Paris a few days earlier). They all look stylish and casual, none of them really trying too hard. Full Story

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Selena Gomez: Brad Pitt > Justin Bieber

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 16, 2013 19:30:54 April 16, 2013 19:30:54
Apega /WENN

I mean, you can even be pro-Aniston and agree with that statement. Selena Gomez taped an appearance for Ellen that will air today. She talks about how Brad Pitt came to see her backstage at the MTV Movie Awards the other night because he wanted a photo. Turns out his kids watch Waverly. Which? Pax? Miss Zahara? When you have kids, there’s always a bigger star. Full Story