Thursday, June 1, 2017

Dear Gossips,

“(A) lot of my forces are maternal. I mean, they’re romantic too. I’ve always chosen to have really deep, intense romantic relationships. I don’t flit around, Laura. I don’t dabble. That’s who I am, and my mother’s always said it: “You’re just a child who attaches.  Read Full Intro

What Else?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at June 1, 2017 21:27:36 June 1, 2017 21:27:36

In these times, there is one celebrity who has dominated the news cycle. And he’s not making movies and he’s not dating actresses (gross, sorry) and he doesn’t live in Hollywood. But he is on TV every single day. And he gets mentioned on TV every single day – not only on the news but in drama series and comedy series and late night comedy shows. Full Story

Dating on TV, while black

Kathleen Posted by Kathleen at June 1, 2017 16:24:10 June 1, 2017 16:24:10

The Right Reasons™ is a term that has become so ubiquitous in The Bachelor universe, it's a punchline. On Monday night, we found out that DeMario was not on the show for The Right Reasons™ because he was f-cking some girl who thought she was his girlfriend days before packing his bags to date another woman on TV. Full Story

Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman

Sarah Posted by Sarah at June 1, 2017 14:37:34 June 1, 2017 14:37:34

Wonder Woman opens in Themyscira, the utopian home of the Amazons, where little Diana, daughter of Queen Hippolyta, longs for adventure and glory, while her mother tries to protect her from the harsh realities of life beyond their secluded haven. Themyscira is a beautiful setting, a Mediterranean island sketched in bold blues and greens, and the sight of women filling the screen—women fighting, laughing, talking, governing—stands in stark relief compared to average blockbuster fare. Full Story

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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Dear Gossips,

I will always owe my friend Lara for teaching me one of my favourite expressions, an expression I’ve stolen from her that’s become a feature on this site: Girl Sh-t Is The Best Sh-t. Girl Sh-t, Boy Sh-t, so much great sh-t.  Read Full Intro